Shake good enough?

Is just shaking a mix really well good enough to blend the flavors and the vg together? I gave it a good shake after I mixed it, but I’m just curious if that’s enough? No warm baths or ultra sonics for me.

Time is the best way to let everything blend. Give it a good shake every day. Fruits usually develop after a few days but bakeries and creams can take 2-3 weeks or more to fully develop.


It depends on the juice. Usually custards and creams need at least 2 weeks steeping. Cookies at least a week. But, there are quite a few juices that you can literally shake and vape. There’s a whole thread devoted to the best or favorite shake and vape (SNV) recipes and it has tons of recipes. It’s not just the flavor but also the %'s used that can make it vapable immediately or not.

That being said, every juice steeps, even if you start vaping it immediately. It just means that the flavor molecules start their magic with each other and bind to the vg/pg base. 9/10 times this will make the juice better over time, but there are also a few that are literally meant to be vaped within 2 weeks before flavors mute or have bad interactions with each other.

After mixing, shake VERY well until you see microscopic air bubbles throughout your e-liquid. You can vape it at this point or put it in a cupboard to steep. Once it’s steeping, there’s no need to shake it every day. Every shake will reintroduce new air bubbles throughout your juice and encourage nicotine oxidation (unless you top it of with an inert gas).


I shake using a sawzall and steep everything for 3-6 weeks depending on the mix. No daily shaking. Works out just fine.


I used to do that too but then now I use this, it mixes the crap out of juice in the bottle looking at it on Amazon I see it’s on sale for less then I paid for it I mix at 40/60 and 30/70 with no problem


In my experience, yes that’s enough. I shake my bottles by hand until there are bubbles uniformly throughout, and then give them another good shake or two over the next 48 hours. I’ve never had any issues with them not being blended well enough.

It’s a good arm work out too. :wink:


+1 for that Norpro… and you don’t have to go crazy with it either.

that’s true, it doesn’t take much to mix with it