Shake it up?

I need to find some way to shake all these bottles up. I heard you can use a dremel . I’ve got one of those . just need some more info on how to use it …what tip do I need to transfer liquid to another shallow bottle .as the tip won’t reach into bottle very deep. …
I’m also not scared to drop some money so you guys tell me . there’s got to be a better way than standing in my closet and shaking these bottles by hand. My wife thought I was jerking it because of the motion my shadow was making…lol she opened the door up and said wtf lol.


Hey if you are to use a dremel put some masking tape on the mandrel to prevent some dust or stuff to get in your juice as for the tip you could wash very well an allen key should do the trick. For me i bought a cheap milk frother on ebay 4$ shipped it broke but i use the tip with a dremel and it does fine. I mix in beakers though and transfer them after.

I use a 4’ zip tie with the buckle cut off. It works great with plastic bottles, don’t have to worry about it eating into the bottle… Just have to make sure to leave some space to keep the juice from spitting out. 5k rpm is good 10k juice everywhere lol.

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milk frother works great

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Plastic qtip cut like a boat propeller, fits right in the skinny top bottles and fits the dremel perfect.

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I used to use a Badger Hobby Paint stirrer when I started mixing a few months ago. It worked great. Would reach low enough into my 250ml flask to mix it up real good. It won’t fit into any bottles though. Once I mixed in the flask and the juice was bottled I just jerked in my closet every once in awhile.

I use a sawzall, metal plumbing strapping (stainless steal), and few seconds and its done.

After that I give my bottles a basic shake daily by hand.

I use a cheapo milk frother that I modified with some 24g Kanthal. I pulled out the attachment and made a little whisky thing. It fits down into the small necks on my 3ml and thin tip bottles. :slightly_smiling:


I use a frother when I can fit it into what I mixing in typically will be a beaker.

Otherwise while I am mixing it and heat bath I will use the dremel with this brush attachment. There is a cheap little one available harbor freight that has the brush in it. Then I went on eBay and bought more to have to switch out as often as I need. But really if I am doing several strawberry batches I will use that brush for 2-3 batches just clean it in a clean cup of water in between runs.

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got lucky and picked it up on ebay for around $30

Just saw this one on ebay for $25 with $11 shipping a little beat up but?

Sweet. I have a bid on a nice one right now. But I bet I get outbid.

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I hope you win it!

Winner ! Winner! Chicken dinner !!!just tried out Jojo’s diy dremel bit made of 24 gauge kanthal. Freaking turned my clear juice to milk!!! Woot woot! That work awesome! Thank you !


Definitely use milk frother to fit in small bottles. I use ZENPRO Milk Frother
I purchase it on amazon (use discount code: ZENPRO15)

Holy shit that’s cool. How come nobody commented on this? Do you think that would work right attached to a drill?

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It does - I’ve done the same with my dremel-like thing :slightly_smiling: Works well!

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Yes it will work on a drill , a bit of over kill but yeah if you have to