Shamrock Shake?

I saw somebody on facebook post earlier asking if anybody ever tried a shamrock shake eliquid. It sounds really good, but I can’t think of what the main flavor would be. Something minty obviously, but there’s more going on than that. Anyone got some ideas?

There is a flavor made by Real Flavors by that name. Suspended in VG

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Oh ok … i didnt see that but here it is:

I would imagine it takes a decent percentage to bring out the flavor since they use VG?

I wonder if it’s an Irish Cream that’s a bit minty ?

Sounds right. I bet it would be good with koolada.

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The RF flavor has a minty creamy flavor. Pretty good.

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That’s pretty cool. I never heard of them till this thread. Mixing straight VG sounds like it would be interesting. Definitely have to bust out the milk frother. I would imagine just shaking in the bottle isn’t gonna cut it.

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I ordered the 36 flavor sampler from them. I have mixed several test mixes straight VG with VG based nicotine. Seems great for dripping…definitely not for tank use

@Amy what is your experience with percentages and the NWF / RF stuff?

@ffrank mixing an All Vg blend is difficult mainly to get the flavors to stay as good as it is as you first taste. Whew what a mouth full , the biggest help is going to come from using a malic acid ( sour ) to help with boosting the flavors…basically you’ll end up needing a small % of a pg citrus flavor (citric acid ) to help out the Vg flavors. I used to dilute my all vg blends with 1% DW but by the months end the flavor had muted.

The sour tip came from Walt @ RF !!!

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I have found that it is easier to mix very high VG by heating the VG before adding flavours.
Then using a milk frother, job done!

I LOVE our Shamrock :stuck_out_tongue:

I use it at 14%
It is Mint mixed with Vanilla Cream and a couple other secret items :smiley: (No Chocolate even if people think it ha)


Good idea :smiley:
We do something like that but a bit more commercial ha

Keep it under 40C


Sounds fantastic. Only things i really like from McDonalds are the Eggnog and Shamrock shakes. When the wife frees up some cash ill grab some shamrock shake and bread pudding.

You will love it… Shamrock was the first flavor I ever created for eliquid. It comes out so smooth with out tasting like a damn mint ha.

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Well now im drooling… hehe

Damn you… Now I am searching for my pen as we speak haha.

Lol! Enjoy!

My wife picked up some Shamrock Shake from Milkshake Liquids. It’s really good. I haven’t found anyone yet that doesn’t like it. Sweet, not overly creamy vanilla mint with a light chocolate hit here and there. It drips amazing and is really good out of my tfv4 tanks on quad or Clapton coils. However like all the juice around here it was 23 dollars for 30ml. That sent me on a mission looking for recipes. I found a few and also found the Real Flavors flavoring for it. I’m really tempted to pick some up and see how it turns out.