Share your order!

I had an idea to share what I ordered here and thought it would be kinda interesting for others to share their recent orders. I’m new to mixing and I definitely think I could benefit just from seeing what people are buying and it’s a lil fun at the same time haha

Its slightly hard to understand the order by looking at it because of the way I had to group some items so I’ll list here exactly what I got:

30ml Cake batter - cap
60ml Rainbowdrops - tfa
60ml Cinnamon danish - tfa
60ml mocha - tfa
60ml watermelon candy - tfa
1 gallon vg

5x 480ml bullet bottles with twist cap
1x 120ml cylinder bottle with twist cap
8x 15ml unicorn bottles

6x 1ml syringes
1x 60ml syringe
7x 14g blunt tip needles


I would order one of these if I were you :+1:


It’s kind of a duplicate thread… we already have…



Gotcha is there a way I can delete the thread?

Yeah i plan on it. Budget was tight this time around tho

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Maybe @JoJo can take care of it.

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If you want, I can, but usually they tend to fizzle out on their own. :wink:


Right on yeah just leave it up I guess :slight_smile:

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I ordered on Labor Day and they still haven’t fulfilled [frowny face] (Wednesday afternoon) Looks like someone did a little business this last weekend!