Sharing my adv - Hazelnut Vanilla Custard

I shared many recipies over a year ago and still get comments. I just added my current ADV. Check it out!


Well Jeff your page doesn’t have any other recipes listed if I’m not wrong.

They’re there. :slight_smile:

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It was empty when I looked earlier, hmmm, must be part of the problem Lars is working on maybe?

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I will definitely try this. But @JeffOKC you really need to specify the brand of flavors in your recipes. I read your notes in comments that it’s TPA - and you should change that so TPA shows.

Thanks for the share.

@JeffOKC I’m mixing your recipe now, and assuming you’re using CAP Vanilla Custard V1

Do us a favor would ya? Change the flavor in your stash and on the recipe to this -

More people will find it when searching from their stash or “what can I make.”

goddamnit, that looks good and I don’t have any coconut

Better getcha some. You can’t sub anything for coconut extra IMO. And anything that calls for it will not be remotely the same without it…again…IMO.

Now, @JeffOKC says “If you don’t like this, your taste buds are whack!” That’s a threat. A clear and unmitigated provocation akin to throwing down the gauntlet. And in my testosterone-laden way of thinking, I will NOT be left whimpering about it! :slight_smile: So I mixed 120ml. We’ll see if Jeff knows what he’s talking about some time around the first week of March.

But really, I think the recipe looks like it will rock!

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I’ve been waiting for almost two weeks for forest fruit mix so I can make your berry creamy, Now you tell me I have to get coconut too. That same order that’s gone missing had ry4 and vanilla custard in it, which are both out. Looks like I gotta order again. This hasn’t been my week lol

Just mixed before I left for work will give it a week and let you know on the comments

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Went ahead and took a sneak peak of this today. I had to…the smell has been luring me in for days.

I really like this after less than 2 weeks steep. Never had a coconut/hazelnut combo before that I can remember, and I’m loving that. So with no experience mixing these together I have no idea how it will be in a month when the vc is steeped. Not much room for improvement so I’m excited. Great recipe @JeffOKC :thumbsup:


haha so you were like, “challenge accepted” lol. Glad you and many others can enjoy one of my favorite formulas. I may post another mind blowing juice strawberry milk, but it’s my baby. We will see.

Ty I will update it to say CAP Vanilla Custard V1 as that is what I use.

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Love the label SthrnMixer!!!

Awesome. If you do I recommend putting it either in Private Recipe Stash Sneak Peak or if you make it public, maybe in the thread New Recipe Showcase 2017. People will probably visit those threads looking for ideas etc than another thread dedicated to one mix. JMHO.

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Nice maybe I’ll post this over there.

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