Sharing some items I made to aid Me with DIY and Vaping

Since my first post was about a very simple and basic display shelf I did not want you fine folks to get the idea that it was the best I could do so here are some other projects I have made in the past. (Thank you all for the nice comments very much appreciated)

A while back I wanted to start using Flavour Art. So placed an order for 33 FA flavor samples from eliquid mart then after trying them and finding more recipes I wanted to try. Placed and received a 2nd order of 35 bottles. For me It became a pain in the ass to try and find the individual flavor. Pick up read no!,Pick up read No!, etc, or worse take all out the box and play dominoes with them while on the table. I decided there had to be a better way and set out to make one.

I don’t know if you are anything like me but this is what my DIY shelf looked like before.

And this is what it looks like now!

I made this first one to accommodate the FA flavors I have now and allow for future growth. I was also able to put them in Alphabetical order and read the flavor name for easy location. (Added benefit Lorann’s 1 dram bottles also fit)

Over the past few years I had also accumulated quite a few wizard lab samples (which are even better at mimicking dominoes). And since I plan to continue to use them either individually or in combination with FA. I decided to make one for them.

I have since made more to accommodate my ever growing collection of flavorings.

As a matter of fact after I posted last I decided to reorganize and reformulate my DIY juice collection. First step was testing them all and separating them into 1 of 4 categories 1 good to go, 2 need tweaking, 3 good but not my cup of tea so give away, 4 bad must dump and never do recipe again. After cleaning and sterilizing the bottles from 3 & 4 it was time to start mixing.

1st image shows 1 of 3 mixing sessions and how I set it up. I tend to buy the sample size of flavorings to maximize the number of recipes I can try out. If I find I keep making a recipe over and over again then I will buy larger sized flavor bottles. Over the 3 sessions I was able to mix 40 new recipes with the remainder mainly involving lowering the nic levels.

2nd image shows cleanup and mixed bottles which are again separated into which go into crockpot, which get frothed, or get shaken and allowed to steep naturally.

3rd image is a before pic. I really did not like the way it looked and hard find what I needed.

5th is after all done. Much happier now. Printed labels a lot easier to read and find. Trying out the removable address labels from avery. and added a extra level to my shelving for future growth. After all said and done I figured out that I have 3200 ml of juice to vape and tryout.

Next Project

Every Since I started Vaping and making mods I would keep reminding myself that there had to be a better way of handling my growing collection of Batteries. I tried lining them up in a cigar box all nice and neat only to knock them back into a jumbled mess the first time I reached for one. Or go to swap out the battery in a mod and forget which hand I had the charged one in ( I killed way to many brain cells when I was Younger o_O). So while planing this I knew I wanted it to incorporate my existing charger (works great) keep my batteries organized, and be able to test various sizes of batteries. Then I remembered “THE DRAWER” You know the one (I can’t be the only one) It’s where you throw all the AAA,AA,C,etc. rechargeable and non batteries that you have ever owned and have no idea which are good or bad. So I had to find a meter that would read down to 1.2 volts (AAA) (most will not show below 2.5 volts). And So this is what I came up with and was finally able to get organized and reigning in “THE DRAWER” was a nice added benefit.

And in case you;were curious what the 2 bolts next to the display were for It’s for testiing 9 volt batteries.(My younger brother will no longer let me test them my preferred method which was to goad him into sticking the leads on his tongue :D).

And finally some mods I made in the past.

And the most recent ones 4 different battery size bottom feeders.

Thank you for viewing as always all questions,critiques, and or comments are much appreciated.



It’s all I can say really!!!

I’ve only been into DIY for a few weeks and thought I was bad. Proves I have a long long way to go to meet your standards!!!

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Fabulous!!! Truly, I thought my stuff was fairly organized but you’ve put me to shame!! Need to get hubby to get building :slight_smile:

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Amazing work man. I truly miss woodworking. But seeing this takes me back to the good ole days. Very nice!


Thank you SteveD259
Also thank you to you Kimber definitely crack the whip on hubby (show no mercy):rage:


Why did you stop?

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Sonar: You are bad ass. Every thing looks super nice.


Outstanding work Sonar505!


That looks amazing, my tin box looks really poor now…

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You could go into business selling those flavor racks!! very very nice!! :+1:


I see a Frosted Flakes mix in there. Is there your own mix?

Very nice setup, thanks for sharing the pics!


Are those color coded o-rings on the neck of each bottle? If so, tell me more. Very interesting. :smile:

Oh, and the woodworking is fantastic too!!


Are those color coded o-rings on the neck of each bottle?

I didn’t even notice that. I am curious too…

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thank you all for your kind comments please keep em coming much appreciated.

@Ken_O_Where no not my own mix picked it up from this site put out by @shroomalistic testing and enjoying very much.


Awesome, i have the flavorings on the way to give it a go. I have been mixing with OOO Speckled Flakes with decent results. Thanks for the information. :smile:

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about the rings thanks for noticing when I first tried heat steeping I had some labels get ruined and just come completely off so I bought a bag of these at Hobby Lobby (can be found at walmart)

As I mix a recipe I write on a piece of paper the name and color of or combo’s of bands I slip around the neck when done with heat steeping I then add the labels and usually just leave bands on for when refilling


So are you using the colors just as an index to the recipe names on the sheet? Or do they indicate categories or ingredients in the juice?

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no just for reference to name at this time. But those are some great ideas you just passed on to me thanks.


No problem. Thanks for sharing you’re work. Gave me some ideas too!

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Wow. Very very cool. So envious. You would laugh at seeing my setup today. Pulled everyone out of the airtight containers. Then proceeded to setup my mixing self…which is the laughing part. Basically a prepainted grey 2x4 sitting on top of two gnc protein powder bottles with concentrates ontop and the scale sitting on the counter below. Atleast all the bottles are at eye level, but totally jankie.

Makes me want to go build something.