Shell no, we won!

Although it has nothing to do with vaping, I still wanted to share some good news.
I just got a text message from Greenpeace, Shell is pulling out, they will not be drilling on the Arctic.
A fine example of what people can accomplish when they put their minds to it and work together.
Enjoy yourselves, vape on and remember to stand up for your rights. Resistance is NOT futile!


I don’t care where they drill for oil. They can look for it in my front yard if the price of gasoline will just go down :slight_smile:


I’m kinda with you… Personally? We should have been off fossil fuels at least a decade ago. I mean Sheesh, if they can zoom into the crack of a lawn jockey’s (yard ornament folks) ass from space, why the hell don’t we have at the very least solar powered cars/homes yet? (other than governments and big corporations throwing up roadblocks)


This could Fuel the world…But they killed him over it

And he did this in 1976… and you can generate electricity from a small motor to power your whole house

AC Electricity


It the concept of harm reduction.

Lol. But really. Look at the impact on the environment to make enough batteries to produce an electric car. I think their was a study showing that in many ways, unless your driving a car from the 70’s but even then, the environmental impact was much less than procuring the materials needed to build the car.

Of course I hope one day we can figure it out.

I remember that!!


I have done a lot of research this man is right up there with Nikola Tesla !!!
That’s why I think it’s a JOKE when politicians talk about renewable energy they’ve had this answer since 1976


My Aunt bought a 1978 Chevrolet Malibu from a dealer in Springfield MA and after driving it for three weeks without putting gas in it she took it back as she thought something was “wrong” with it. The service department took it into the shop and an hour later they brought around a brand new fully loaded Impala and told her that her Malibu had to go back to GM. Since the Impala was a nicer car she went home happy. Some months later when she mentioned it to my dad he got all excited and came up with the thoery that the engine in the Malibu muds have been a prototype. Yeah they are sitting on technology just to keep selling oil and gas. Whatever…