Shipment of flavour concentrates

Has anyone any recent experience of shipping concentrates from USA to U.K.? Seen a few conflicting articles and online forum remarks regarding import tax ranging from 12-36%, the import tax isn’t a major concern as long as it’s not the past the top end as from what I can see it still works out a fair bit cheaper than buying, e.g Capella/TFA from U.K. sellers, I just don’t fancy my package getting refused by customs or being forced to pay a ridiculous amount of import. Fairly new to this whole DIY juice scene so trying to learn as much as possible, thanks in advance

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I don’t have any experience but a few of the people here do


@woftam thanks for such a quick reply, that post you linked to helped a lot, turns out there’s only a couple of quid difference and to not have all the hassle and sweating waiting for “that customs letter” I’ll stick to a uk base supplier


Welcome aboard fellow UK’er! Good to have you here :smiley: