Short List

Hey crew … Is there a way to make a “Short List” of flavours to see “What can I Make”…???
Moving house at the moment and it has taken a lot longer than anticipated. Have a handfull of flavours out and was hoping to see what i can make with what I have out at the moment :wink:
:grinning: :grinning:


I hope someone has an answer for you because the only way I know is by inputting one flavor at a time and that can produce up to 1000s of recipes.


Not sure if this will help any @TTMaxxx but pretty sure if you go to your account on the other side and click on “what can I make” and then click on “search by flavour stash” you’ll be able to get results that way. The results you’ll end up with are a reflection of those recipes that include every flavour you select. For example, I just did a quick search as follows and this is what happened:

If I check CAP Vanilla Custard it gives me 10,567 possible recipes.
If I then add TPA Cheesecake (GC) (leaving in the Custard) it gives me 1,113 recipes.
If I then add FA Vienna Cream to those 2 flavors it gives me 51 recipes.

What this seems to imply is that if you are searching for recipes that have all 3 of the above flavors in said recipe, their will 51 of them. Keep in mind though that those 51 recipes do include other flavors as well. Also keep in mind that if you then add a “wacky” flavour to the above, something like FLV Strawberry Smash say, then the result is no matches. So what the database is telling you is there are no recipes that include at least those 4 flavors shown (as an example).

So yeah, could be a tricky one mate. Maybe you could line up your flavors in front of you and just have a crack at thinking of what might go together. Either that or go the “trial and error” path with “what you can make with your flavour stash” and possibly leave some of the other flavors out or do some “tweaking”. Not sure if this helps any brah but fingers crossed for ya :crossed_fingers:. Cheers.


And not to beat a dead horse because this is (or should be) common knowledge for anyone reading… it’s important to pay attention to and follow the Flavor Naming Conventions set forth by the Admin.

Due to the ridiculous amount of duplicate and misspelled flavor names entered by users, using the ‘What Can I Make’ option will not return accurate results, unless the flavor names being searched exactly match and are consistent with those most commonly used in ELR’s database.


Not exactly what I wanted but helped out a lot dude !!!
Cheers heaps!!!