Should flavor concentrates , bases and nicotine be refrigerated

I have been keeping all of my flavor concentrates in a box on my desk,
and my VG and PG in a cabinet do these need to be refrigerated ?

stick the Nicotine in a freezer, fridge if you are using it quickly
Cool Dark place for the rest. If you happen to have a spare fridge going,
then yeah go for it. don’t have it too cold though, as some flavours
may crystallize, when using them, it’s good practise to shake everything
before bunging it in the mix, some need it, some don’t … by shaking the
lot, it means you don’t have to remember which is which.

Box on the desk is ok, same box UNDER same desk, with lessened chance
of sunlight warmth is better


thanks appreciate the input!:thumbsup:

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i have always used a fridge for my concentrates and never had one go bad the only down fall to it is a few will crystalize but they will go back to liquid form, also i keep mine on the lowest setting ( lowest being a 1 on the temp dial which is at its warmest , i keep my nicotine in it as well , i keep that at the back of the fridge where it is coldest , a fridge also stays dark all the time