Should i get a better RDA?

Thanks for the replies everyone.
@Naseschwarz I am not building for higher wattages (lower resistances) for two reasons: First, i am on a relatively cheap mod (40W istick). Using anything lower than 0.9Ω would require more than 18-20W and would drain my battery in a couple of hours. Second, I seem to get a bit harsh vaping and muted flavoring as a result. Maybe I am doing something wrong there. Given my current equipment, this is the best I have found in terms of flavor.

The Aeolus worst, huh? Fair enough. I have not tried a top airflow one, the wismec indestructible has a middle side one. I have also found this: ( I like a lot the fact that it has a thick barrel, seems very solid construction.

@Lostmarbles@BoDarc I am planning on getting a better mod (regulated) BUT, what I am not getting is why I would need to get a 200W mod or vape at >100W or 600F (315C) as some people. Do not get me wrong, I am not judging, I am just not getting it. Will it give me better flavor? From my point of view, a better mod would provide me with the same good experience throughout each vape and battery life…
Anyways, I have been looking at these two:

Keep in mind that these are products i have found mainly by looking over the internet. I have considered them good based on my (relatively small) experience and reviews. So, ANY better suggestion is welcome.
In general, what has confused me in terms of what to choose, is the fact everything seems to be built for clouds nowadays. Clouds are fine, but i am looking for flavor, e.g. the tfv8 is marketed as a cloud atomizer…

So, after all this discussion, i think my next step should be: (i) get a better mod, (ii) get a better RDA and RTA.
A couple more questions:

  • Are the >100$ RDAs, RTAs, etc really THAT good? I remembed me trying the Squape Rs (back when it first came out) and while it looked decent, spending 180 euros on it seemed overkill.
  • Are the RDTAs what their name suggests? “Dripper flavor” on a tank?
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My take:
Battery: Istick 40w
I break down RDA’s into 4 basic categories. Cloud (sub-ohm) duel/single coil machines and flavor (non sub -ohm ) duel/single coil machines. You can get great flavor from all combos. It’s just a little easier on higher ohm/single coil builds.
I like the higher ohm/single for simplicity and ease of maintenance.
I have several of the 2 post MAGMA™ RDA BY PARADIGM which is set up for duel coil. You have to plug one of the air holes for single coil.
General note:
Primarily/but not exclusively cloud machines have:
RDA’s that has a large drip tip (chuff cup larger than a 510/std. drip tip)
More than two posts (promote duel coils)
Do not have 3 sets to air holes set up so that you can rotate the odd air hole set for single coil. (Magma surprisingly falls under this category)

What I have my eye on:
The best Battery/RDA is like choosing the best flavor.

Are the >100$ RDAs, RTAs, etc really THAT good? I remembed me trying the Squape Rs (back when it first came out) and while it looked decent, spending 180 euros on it seemed overkill. —No idea but clones work for me.

• Are the RDTAs what their name suggests? “Dripper flavor” on a tank?
No idea. With deep well RDA’s and my high ohm build, I get a good hour or more out of one drip and all day with out a battery recharge. If I place a sleeve over the air hole and the RDA is tip on it’s side, no leaks.

I went back to my old school Tugboat, flavors pretty good on it.

About the RDTAs: In my experience that’s just an advertising strategy. They’re just tanks, that’s it. You have to consider them individually.

About expensive attys: In a way, some atomizers are pieces of art, an hommage to their inventor’s ingenuity and creative use of steel. It’s fine if you can appreciate that and have the money to spare to support them - but it equally fine if not. From what I’ve seen and tried, there are always cheaper alternatives that perform just the same - and that’s not even considering cloning. If you put cloning into the mix, there is absolutely need to drop top dollar on your atomizer, apart from sentimental reasons and your values. To give an example, I own a Raptor by Hellfire in the UK and an authentic Snapdragon 1.5 and their performance is stellar. However, I could make to with my cloned Derringer any day.

About the mods: There’s a thread on the forums discussing why you would want a 200W mod to vape below 40W. As far as I know, the gist of it is that it’s better to run the chip in its mid-range. “Better” means better battery life, more efficient energy use and precision of output, and you’re not stressing your chip that way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Apart from that, having 200W to employ if needed, can be handy in temp control, but I don’t know enough about temp control to be talking about that. And lastly, higher wattage mods also tend to be newer, so you have more options for materials in TC mode and in most cases more battery power.
Which bring me to the next point: if the reason for not going beyond 20 or 30W is battery life, you might consider a dual battery mod. I found the Fuchai 213 inexpensive, very space efficient and easy to use, but beware I heard it’s no good in TC. Apart from that, you can’t go wrong with a DNA board. I think the vaporflask would fit the bill quite nicely, only downside is >22mm diameter attys will look funny on it.

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Also worth noting that certain VaporFlasks are pretty much the ‘exception to the rule’ when it comes to DNA boards. Seems certain ones of them have issues with updating (Escribe) due to revision difference in the boards that the VaporFlask use in their production runs.

EDIT: added:

On the first question: IMO, No. Not unless they’re USA made (which accounts for part of the increased price), and even then, it’s ‘iffy’. Take for example, MikeVapes has a very recent video review on a VGOD (it’s a RDTA tank in this case) product, that’s being marketed (at the time of the video release) for ~$70usd. It’s got issues (when filling, among others), but IMO VGOD stuff only ‘commands a premium’ because of the name/association.
-The other thing to remember is that the market is coming into a more realistic pricing, since it’s less and less of a niche market. EG: The Tsunami when I priced it 6 months ago was $65 in a local shop, and approx. $45 online. Now you’re seeing them for <$20 online. Simply because they’re ‘old news’, and there’s more competition.

“Are the RDTAs what their name suggests? “Dripper flavor” on a tank?” -Some are, some aren’t, a lot are simply (as mentioned before) marketing. I think the design of the Limitless+ (which should be here tomorrow) and the Theorem, lend to being closer “experience-wise”, but then, I’m only limited to using a Velocity v2 clone AFA RDA’s go, so there’s others with more experience.

There’s tanks that have been said to outperform some (poorly designed) drippers, and some tanks that are crap (again thanks to poor design). I think the same rings true for any given ‘category’.

There’s just so much product in the market that it’s tough to decide, much less group, so the only option left for some is trying to ‘distinguish’ themselves by creating (or, in some cases, falsely grouping into) a new market segment.

I think I’m actually going to have to eat my previous words (about not buying another one) on the Theorem, because it’s got the best flavor (even above the Cleito) in my opinion ATM…but man, that initial experience with the shoddy glass sure left a loooooong and lingering bad taste in my mouth. I’ve been using it 90% of the time the last couple of weeks.
(supposedly, that’s been resolved now though)

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@Brotherbob1 I have seen the snapdragon. All reviews say it’s great, Yikes on the price though.

@Sprkslfly I just had a look at the theorem…it definitely looks decent. I might give it a go. Wanted to avoid having several RTA/RDAs as they will end up in my desk, hehe. Oh well…

I think that the vaporflask is 27.2mm. So, I would guess that even 24mm RDA would sit fine on it. No?

I guess i should need to get a mod first and see later. Darn, that’s gonna be like 150 euros (incl batteries and charger)…

Limitless plus is the way to go IMO. I own a griffin 25 and an avocado 24 and found the limitless plus to be a much better product. I never tried a theorem to compare, but after purchasing my limitless plus I think it would be a waste of money. I also do not see the value in buying overpriced attys just for the hype, most modestly priced products work just as well for a fraction of the price, and I think function beats fashion any day of the week.

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Well, the reason I recommended both the theorem and the limitless+ is simply because one is strictly a single coil setup and the other’s a dual. On top of which, if my experience with the Boreas was any indication, I fully expect to go through a load of liquid in the limitless+ (compared to the theorem) so I can already see the need for the bigger tank on the +. :wink:


My wife borrows it and uses it on lower wattage (25-30) and juice lasts forever. I use it around 90 and have to fill the tank pretty frequently, this is when it becomes cost effective to make your own juice though. :wink:

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@Sprkslfly Good to know! Hadn’t heard of that before.

@Kostas2 My bad! Didn’t click the link, so I assumed you were talking about the “classical” form of the VaporFlaks. That was my first regulated mod… :relieved:



Take a close look at the Eleaf iStick TC 100W… It’s very affordable.
I use three in rotation every day, one in TC with titanium, one in TC with stainless steel, and one in wattage with stainless steel. It’s 23mm wide, and fits a 24mm Avocado just fine.

You can use it with a single 18650 battery or dual 18650’s.

I also recommend a clone Velocity V2 [from FastTech I ONLY recommend this exact one SKU # 4491602]
Easy build, great air adjustments, super flavor, additional glass topcap, and can use as a squonker if you ever need to.
Firmware upgradeable.

You can get them both from FastTech, together, for under $45USD


@Naseschwarz Yeah, i think i am going to go for it. Unless you or any of the other members here have to suggest anything else. This is the one a local shop here suggested. Anything else they suggested, like the SX Mini or Provari are very expensive, to the point that i would be very worried if i lose them.

@ozo The iStick seems decent and has served me well. However, I am not sure if the build quality is up to the same standards as other brands. I have been using it for 6 months now (the 40W) and the aluminum (or whatever that is) color on the button as well as on the top has started to wear off. Plus, it seems to get hot rather easily (average usage 10-15W).

What is worrying me though, is buying mod/battery related equipment from China. Not sure why…anyways.

In terms of RxA, I think i might go for the tsunami RDA and either the Avocado 24 or the Mage.

Yeah, for the last 6 months (basically, since I’ve started vaping 7 months ago), I’ve had the same trepidations. Given the majority is made there anyways, and coupled with the fact that alot of the online vendors have a shit warranty policy (typically refer you to the oem in short order <30 days) that only leaves retail (super high markup in my experience) or direct from China (when prices are reasonable).

My concerns have been “things getting lost” or at least major delays, or worse: fakes when you’re expecting/paying for originals. But after receiving my winnings from Heaven_Gifts, it kind of brought things home not only the reminder of “just how small the world actually is” (as it’s been a few years since I was last abroad), as well as the fact that just like here in the US, there’s both good places to buy from, as well as crooks.

Shipping method can make a drastic difference though it seems, so I believe that anything I order from China will be done via DHL. Incidentally I hated their domestic service, but it seems they really shine in the international delivery aspect. So there’s that…

I’ve read good and bad experiences about Fastech (aka slowtech) as well as Gearbest and others. But I do believe that I will be giving some of the more reputable clones (like the velocity @Ozo recommended) a shot in the next 6 months.

Good luck with whatever you decide though!

Thanks :slight_smile:
I am not worried about lost, mostly about fakes. Getting a fake RTA can be annoying. But getting a fake mod/battery can be dangerous. Most likely I will buy that stuff here.
Unfortunately, in my last order from gearbest it was suggested to use only regular shipment for my country (Greece). Apparently, sending via DHL leads to a higher probability of the shipment going through customs here.

is this the same thing do you think?

Yes, sort of…maybe even better made. I ordered two of them a couple days ago.
They ship free from California. I had problems with age verification on their website…
had to send in pictures, etc…pissed me off, but I got it done.
I think I will order more, before they are gone.

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I ordered 2 tf rta’s, an indestructible rda, and some kanger coils from them. So far so good. The tf rta 2 is pretty good. I really like the Merlin the best out of everything but for $10 to go in my vapocolypse stash it isn’t too bad! I guess I’ll get 1 of those too to check out.