Should i get a better RDA?

Hello everyone,

I have been dripping for a few months now and i have been enjoying it a lot. Currently, i own a Wismec Indestructible RDA and have been heavily using it with single 3mm 28g 1Ω builds.

I was thinking lately if i can get better flavor by getting a “better” RDA. A bit of search has given me these:
Geekvape Tsunami:
Magma Reborn:

My questions are the following:

  • Should i get a new RDA in order to get better flavor (wrt the hardware) ? Or i am good as it is?
    I am mostly into flavor chasing, not clouds, and my juices typically consist of more than 4-5 flavors (sweet, not tobacco flavors).
  • Are there any ceramic RDAs? If yes, are they worth it?

Of course, any other suggestions are welcome of course. Also, money is not the issue here (within limits of course).

Thank you :slight_smile:

What Mod are you using? If you have a temp control mod the best thing would be to use Stainless Steel or Titanium wire for coils. I can’t go back to Kanthal …tastes bad to me now. Beware pre-coiled Clapton wires which claim to be SS as they are most often wrapped with Kanthal. Geekvapes sells Clapton wire that’s 100% SS. Personally I use Ti wire, but that’s for advanced users (lots to know about safety-wise) and can only be used in TC mode. SS coils can be used in Temp control or Wattage/Power mode


I have an iStick 40W. While it supports temp control i have noticed some minor voltage fluctuations here and there ±0.1V, So I have not tried temp control yet, but I have been planning to - as soon as i get a better mod.

With a smaller one battery mod try using a single coil with only 7 wraps. Those older smaller mods were at the very beginning of temp control and all do a poor job @ TC. Your local Vape shop might sell SS wire by the foot or you can buy premade SS coils online. Don’t bother with Claptons as the ramp up time with your single battery will lower performance. Smaller coils can heat up faster and more completely (edge to center) giving you a better vape

I see. Currently I am doing 4 wraps on 3mm 28g to get 1Ω, which seems to be the best compared to everything else i have tried. Also, the battery lasts longer. I have also tried dual coil builds at ~0.8Ω which were also fine, but were draining my liquids much faster.
Anything else than that seemed to give me too harsh vaping and a loss of flavor, not sure why.

So, regarding my original question do you suggest that i should get a different RDA?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the one you got really, if you’re confident building on it and it feels/works right then stick with it, personal preference is just that, it’s your build that will make the most difference :+1:
I have the Tsunami 24, works great, easy to build on.
Kennedy, looks great, easy to build on and easiest to use.
Mutation X4 , easy to build on, nice to use
I have found the Velocity decks to be the easiest to work with though for sure.

Yeah, easy to build on, has been working flawlessly and seems to have a pretty solid construction. Still, i have not have the chance to play with various RDAs so i do not have much experience there. This is the main reason i was thinking of changing it.

What about getting an RDTA to replace my kfl+? I have noticed that it kind of mutes juices consisting of multiple flavors.

I’ve got the limitless but I’m not bowled over by it to be honest, it’s prob me not wicking it correctly but it has to be upright or it leaks everywhere, my favourite set ups are the Aromamizer Supreme RTDA and the Kennedy 24mm RDA, they do everything I need well, second favourites would be Smok TFV8 and Tsunami 24mm.

Reposting - accidentally deleted my last post

Yeah I have had similar issue with the bellus rda, to the point ive stopped using it. Also got a squape rs clone but its restistance fluctuations annoyed me to much. The kfl just works. I have seen the aromamizer, but it looks kind of tricky to set up.

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not it’s easy to set up, just…don’t ever…EVER take it apart haha, it has these little tiny pins that track the juice flow mech, I lost them instantly lol, but luckily they give you spares, I haven’t done it again, it’s a good tank though, great flavour.

I was going to get the aromamiser, settled for a moonshot instead, LOVE it !

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I want that Moonshot, it’s on the list…which is massive btw…

Bloody Lovely !

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Buy all of them. It’s fun. It will keep you busy for hours and your spouse will get so mad at you for spending the money…


this…actually…is more realistic :+1: :laughing:


If you’re vaping around 1 ohm, you’d probably be better off with an older RDA - newer ones tend to be built for higher wattages and more airflow. But if that fits your bill, you’re good to go.
Personally I think getting bigger, better atomizers won’t make that big a difference, really. I myself got far too many attys and let me tell you, as long as you have a decent one (in terms of flavour), a new atty won’t make that big a difference. You might get better results by looking in to your building and/or building materials. For instance, I found that even my Marquis RDA when built with mesh, wins over my newest cotton based drippers hands down.

Specifically for your situation: out of the listed RDAs, I think the Tsunami would be best, the Aolus worst in terms of flavour. That is assuming you build your Tsunami for higher wattages than what I guess you’re using with a 1 ohm coil. The reason being you have more chamber space to fill with your coil and vapour production. The reason why I wouldn’t recommend buying the Aolus is that every single top airflow dripper I’ve tried was unsatisfactory on the flavour side. They’re good looking and don’t spill when tipped, but that’s about it.

About ceramic RDAs… there is one, forgot its name though. And it isn’t worth a shot anyway. Wicking isn’t happening as effectively as in cermaic tanks.

Hope this helps,

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If it were me (and I could be wrong here) I would invest in a higher wattage TC Mod. Using different wire and different builds can make all the difference in the world with any RDA. Maybe upgrade to the TC100W istick or a Cuboid? They aren’t too much in cost.


@Lostmarbles is correct. @Kostas2 More power solves most problems. I use my Cuboid mostly. With the current firmware upgrade it does preheat which makes it perfect. I just use Smart Mode for everything and you can get one for like 30+$ and get like 6X 18650’s LG HG2 or Samsung 30Qs


Yep. I totally need to go back and update that thread I had about the velocity clone from awhile back. (As I’m fairly sure I forgot to, once I got the confirmation by using the VT133).

The problem with my overheating (WRT to RDA clone) was simply that it was just almost too much for a single battery to handle (safely). Once I tried it on the dual batt. setups (both the VT133 and most recently, the Cuboid 150) no heat problem at all!

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Mutation v4 has been the best flavour rda ive vaped on but its got a small juice res and tends to leak through the air holes if you fill to much

Tsunami is no way close in flavour but produces more clouds

Maybe a RDTA you should consider, the tfv8 is awsome on flavour and easy to build dual or quad coils verticle :wink:

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