Should I go by the average or the median percentages

I was just curious is it better to go by the average %, or should I go by the median?



You’ve already asked this before.

I think the consensus is to use the median.


depends on the flavor and/or its part in a recipe.i wouldn’t follow either of them.find good recipes that use this flavor and gather information from good reviewers,or even better make your own tests in different logical human would use any flavor @64%:joy:


Those numbers are usually the %s when making a 1 shot, base or stone. Then it becomes very logical.


(Flavor Base) Vanilla Milkshake (Gmix)

Ingredient %
Cream Fresh (FA) 10.87
Cream Whipped (FA) 10.87
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 6.53
Vanilla (MF) 17.40
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 54.33

Flavor total: 100%

Remember to rate it at!

We’ve all done that and sometimes the answer actually does change but i believe the Median to be the go to since it throws out silly #s like 64%


think it be wise to lotto 64 today


yep,you are right…but if the 64%,for example,is calculated in the average % it still makes no sense.a beginner is not trying to make one shots or stones,he/she tries to figure out how to use a flavor.


That’s correct but a beginner also should single flavor test and find their own percentage. In general that’s something I would recommend rather then going by percentage posted on manufacturer homepages or elr, reddit, atf and whatever else is out there. Because everyone tastes flavors different as well as these listed percentage can easily be altered.

If you need/want to rely on the database percentage listed, and not want to find your own percentage, use the average median. But maybe try a percent lower after looking at the notes listed.


Make up your mind… please.

I’ve seen several beginners inquire about 1 shots, but SF bases and stones… no so much.

Since the DoD/ECX project, one shots have become very popular.


as you can see we completely agree.i have more than 400 flavors and i have single tested almost all of them

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I really don’t like the comment I’m about to post, but I really felt something funny about the way you suddenly popped up with very strong opinions, so I took a look into your history on ELR.

I viewed several of your recipes and I noticed from day 1 of the creation of several of your mixes, you have all 5 star ratings and very favorable comments by the same few people. Kinda like a clique or group that’s elevating your mixes without mixing or testing them… or either you’re the king of SnV…

I’ll leave further opinions to anyone that want to view your history at ELR and draw their own conclusion.


mr Holmes,you did great with your investigation!you have issues…check them out


You raise a great (and perhaps overlooked) point here man!

Is there a chance that this has been accounted for already in the way the database polls recipes (and more importantly *are ‘stone recipes’ included in these polls)… Or does this observation present an opportunity to help improve some of the numbers being skewed (if this wasn’t already factored in?


Was mentioned here Average or Median? that perhaps he would work on how the #s are reached. This prob do for a healthy merge as well.

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BTDT… been there done that… I do this to see if I can take your comments as credible. Everyone has a right to an opinion… that doesn’t mean I believe them all…

You just have a uncommon history and it makes me bit cautious about your opinions. I have several 5 star ratings myself, but zero on day one of any recipe I’ve released… I like honest ratings or comments from several different people… good or bad. IMO that how the ratings and comments section should work.


Back on topic, neither :slight_smile:

A good place to look is in the recipes for that flavor, you can recognise the mixers you trust and compile their usage to get an idea about a flavor.
Steam and ATF are a couple other places I look.


The median is usually more accurate in terms of how most people would use the flavor. It’s also most helpful to read the notes because you may find people explaining how they used it, a top note, for body, for accent etc. When you’re looking for how it’s used in a recipe, also look at the recipes bar to see how people are using it in similar type recipes. Your flavor + fruit might have a different % than your flavor + bakery for example.


I’d guess that 75% of beginners posting recipes here are copying or adapting someone else’s work. And of those, many can’t be bothered to actually sit down and (gasp) test individual flavors.


As @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit has noted there is so much info to be gained by viewing flavors, notes, recipes, recipe notes and more…

All the info you most likely will need can easily be sought if you can master this tool below… Considering the flavor notes pages have a history that’s equal to the entire life of ELR, you pretty much can find any flavor used in diy and info from every user that contributed to that data base. IMO it’s the most resourceful diy eliquid database on the internet period. The sheer amount of info in the ELR Flavor Pages is something I find to be unique to ELR…


enjoying a cup of coffee this cloudy afternoon and thought "what the hell?"so,i took a look into your history on ELR.So,i really don’t like the comment i am about to post,but i found it quite funny and amusing that you have rated all your 2018 recipes(i was really bored to go on previous years) with a 5star rating.
So,before judging others,first look at your mirror and ask yourself if this is fair

yeah man,me too

Don’t forget that i just said my opinion on a thread started by a beginner mixer.on the other hand you showed up ready for a fight for no reason.At least my recipes are rated by people i know,communicate with them,exchange opinions on recipes and in 99% of the occasions,they have tried my recipes long before they are published.
If you want the rating system to change i 'll be the first to vote ‘YES’