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Should I post

Hi I am currently a live in chef I have been given 2 weeks to move out I moved here from up north to the Midlands I have met my partner and become engaged . Losing my job is everything I have no were to go now I dont have many friends up here . I really dont no what to do


Very sorry to hear that @Dannychef. I do not know where the Midlands are, and understand that loosing a job is very hard. Is your partner working ? Could you apply to chef in another live in position up there ?


I have tried it is hard with her situation really is dont want to say it on here it’s near leicester I’m at rock bottom really am


Just sent you a PM @Dannychef.


That is tough - I’m sorry to hear that :frowning: Remember, that no matter how tough things get, you will get through it!

EDIT: I realize that that is a pretty “cliche” thing to say, but it’s the truth…


Hang in there @Dannychef. It won’t be easy but if you don’t give up on hope, you’ll end up OK. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. You have a vape family to talk to if you need it.


Damn man, that sucks! I’m really sorry that’s happening to you, especially in the current global situation.

Keep your head up, my brother. It’s the only way to see what’s on the horizon. We’re here to talk if you need. Cross arms and squeeze - BIG ol internet hug from northern California


It is often difficult offering any kind of words that will help ease the anxiety you are probably experiencing. Having been in a similar situation myself I can relate, and it’s a shitty feeling. The worst thing you can do is let negative thoughts take control because they will lead you on a path of depression. I can kind sense it already in your tone, if that makes sense. Trust when I say you don’t want that!

Seek out some community resources in your area if available. They can be helpful. Stay busy and be ready when opportunity knocks. :blush:


Aww, jeez Dan, I’m sorry to hear this! I only just saw it! I wish there was something I could do to help! Only thing I can do is cross my fingers and offer you best wishes!!


It is tough…, I hate to hear this…, hopefully things will get better very soon @Dannychef …, God will not face any1 with problems they can’t overcome…, it may be hard rn, but u will get thru this…, take my advice…, it’s not a job, but more important… my life…, it was almost taken 11 years ago… doctors & everyone told me I would never be able to do almost anything again…, tht I wouldn’t even be able to walk…, but by the Grace of God, I am where I am today…, it may not be the best or exactly where I’d like to be in life & I may still have a few problems, but hey… I’m alive & living well…, thank u for everything LORD! GOD IS GREAT! Hope this helps man…, even a little…, just put ur faith in the LORD & he will see u through this


Thanks mate means alot . I am allowed to currently stay here for a while just have to see what borris says about catering industry. Wont even put me on furlough