Should I start mixing again?

Hey guys and gals. I popped on the forum after I got a notification. It’s been a long while since I’ve been mixing. Considering coming back to it again, but I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for too long. How have the flavor profiles been changing? Who’s everyone ordering from these days (flavors, nic, vg/pg)? Are there any new flavor concentrates coming out that are better than they were a few years ago?


Please mix again. your mix are great, and this is probably come off as selfish, they really help me in DIY and off the cigarettes.

If you’re in us, most order from nicotine river and bull city there.


I’ve only been around for 6 months, but from what I’ve read it’s a whole lot better all-around than it was a few years ago. Welcome back!


If you’re even back here, you already answered the question!


haha I’ve popped back on a few times in the past to respond to comments and things, but not for a couple years I think. Who’s got the cleanest nic/vg/pg these days and are there any “one stop shops” for that plus a variety of flavoring? If I start up again I think I’m going to start with a few completely new flavors I’ve had banging around in my head which no one I’m currently buying from is getting right (for my taste).


I’m new here. You’ll get better answers from others. But it’s good to see a veteran return.


Diy vapor supply is great for tons of flavors including hard to find ones. My past several orders have mainly been from them and nicotine river. I get all my vg pg & nic at NR.


Nic river is the best one stop shop, they carry just about everything, there’s a few brands the don’t carry but they have most everything.


Oh, and to answer your first question “should I start mixing again?”… Do you still vape? Cuz if you don’t it might a waste of time to start mixing again. :wink:


Unless it’s for a new line of essential oil diffuser scents!


Hahaha that’s not a bad idea… Might be fun to try that too (not with flavoring of course haha)

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Just in the short time I started mixing so many new flavors have appeared…
Check out this link for many peoples likes

Also Many order nic, pg vg from nicotine river, flavors from Bull city, Liguid Barn and um lots of newer ones here


Pulled the trigger, we’ll see if I can throw a few things together with these.

  • Inawera Eucalyptus with Mint
  • Flavor Apprentice Mint Candy
  • FlavourArt Lime Tahity Distilled
  • Capella Italian Lemon Sicily
  • Flavor West Yellow Cake
  • Purilum Chocolate Cake
  • FlavourArt Chocolate
  • Inawera Chocolate Cream
  • LorAnn Cream Cheese Icing
  • Flavor West Rum
  • Flavor Apprentice Greek Yogurt
  • Capella Cool Mint
  • Capella Honeydew Melon
  • FlavourArt Cucumber
  • Capella Juicy Lemon
  • Flavor Apprentice Bavarian Cream
  • Flavor Apprentice Dairy Milk
  • Flavor Apprentice Sweet Cream
  • Flavor Apprentice Marshmallow
  • Flavor Apprentice Vanilla Swirl
  • Flavor Apprentice Whipped Cream
  • Capella Cantaloupe
  • FlavourArt Blood Orange
  • FlavourArt Condensed Milk
  • Capella Churro
  • Capella Fuji Apple

Thinking about some limon cello variations, cinnamon apple cereals, cucumber melon mint experiments, citrus mixes and maybe some fluffy cakes


Should you mix? Yes. Flavor suppliers. Ecigexpress, nicotine river and bull city flavors all have stepped up their game.

A lot of folks have been happy with NR (nic river) as their supplier for nicselect nicotine.

I need to go. But welcome back. It’s nice to see you back on.


How about a Zoochberry Cream V2?

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This was the second successful recipe I adapted and really enjoyed. It really looked intimidating back then, but it worked out perfectly. You really aroused my curiosity to try and make more complex mixes. Thanks A Lot @et3rn1ty !


Glad to hear that you enjoyed that mix. When I started I never set out to do anything other than make mixes that tasted right to me. Zoochberry was the right flavor for all of those strawberry custards that were popping up and LLC was the right flavor for all those jango clones I tried but never liked. I created Milkstone because I liked the cream flavors so much and it made my life easier. That idea turned into an inferno and suddenly there was everything from fruitstone to cerealstone (I’m humbled by everyone’s choice to continue the naming as well).

It surprised me how much those little things influenced so many creations in the DIY community. Figure I should give it another go to try to get the right flavors for what I’ve been trying recently. Maybe you all might even like some of the new outcomes and I can contribute a bit more to this community.


For all the Flavor fuss and New buzz, the old reliables are still maintaining top position. FlavourArt, Capellas, TPA, FlavorWest, Flavorah, Inawera, LorAnn …these are 19th Century companies in some cases, and others for many decades in the food industry and now e-juice DIY. These OGs still deliver consistent, predictable, and stable results.

You’ll find plenty of info here on what’s new, but it’s kinda crazy (volume). There are many new exciting flavors. Maybe look at the current Mixing Topics, see what’s on the Edge …what people are mixing today.

Today the buzz isn’t about flavors …looks like it’s about @et3rn1ty coming back to ELR! coool


And cheaper than diyvaporsupply

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