Should I use VG in a flavor base?

I finally have a creamy mix almost good enough that I’m thinking of making it into a flavor base, I just have a few more tweaks to try before I feel that sure about it. In the mean time, I’ve been wondering about the role VG plays in the steeping process. I know that making the base allows the flavors to combine and pre-steep but the VG has to absorb and combine with the flavors as well right?

Right now, my total flavor % for this mix is 11.5% so if I make the base, then add 11.5% when I mix, will it be shake and vape or will it still need some steep time to mingle with the VG? If I make the base as 50% flavor and 50% VG, let that steep and then add 23% of this base to make the juice, will that make sense?


VG is a thicker liquid and it takes longer for it to mix with PG etc

Assuming your making a flavour concentrate from multiple PG based flavours then I would add the VG after.

If you are making your own flavour from an extract or something you can use PG or VG.

“creamy” suggests your mix will need a steep of at least one week

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I usually let this mix steep about a month. It may not need that long but things work out that way. All of the flavors are PG based which is why I’m asking about the VG. Steeping the 100% PG flavor base will complete the chemistry between the flavors but VG plays a role in steeping to some point. My question is, how much of an effect does the VG have? Is it a necessary component to the steeping process or is it just thickening the liquid and diluting the flavors into a vapable level?


Use VG as you can always add some PG in any final recipe but you cannot take it out. I might also add like 5% PG just for the flavor carrier benefits, and that might still give you plenty of leeway to hit a 70/30 ratio when you mix your base with additional flavs+VG for a final e-juice

Thanks guys for your help. My normal ratio is between 65/35 and 60/40. I’m not super picky about being precise as long as it’s in this ball park.