Should we stock up before 8/8

I agree , nicotine will probably be the hardest to get. All the new DIYER coming out will definitely affect the market. I’m sure Flavoring will be fine other than a lot of them being sold out more. Like when Bronuts came out and it was impossible to find all the flavors. I think the big reason to stock-up now is cost. The higher the demand the higher the price.

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Nic is the only thing to worry about for quite a while IMO, as DIYers


Grant @Nicotine_River has said he has no worries getting nicotine to us. His main business is nic and he sells it by the truckload, and we DIYers are a small part of what they do.

The short answer is we don’t know what our governments will do…i.e. Utah and Pennsylvania for example.

The reason(s) to stock up now is because we don’t know what to expect, but the past has proven to be… expect the worst from our elected assholes.
Another reason is because of the sales going on now.

I believe there will be enough supplies/hardware to continue vaping, I also believe the prices will go up, either forced by fees to the mfg’s. or taxes, or both.

For hardware, I suggest keeping it as interchangeable as possible with each other, as opposed to [one of every kind].

Just be a good Boy Scout…Be Prepared.


I’m not sure if they already or not, but things like this (the link you posted) should definitely be stickied! :wink:

seems like there’s been quite a few "repeat questions/topics lately…


I have to agree. I haven’t seen it until she posted it

i think that you should prepare yourself for orders taking longer the next couple weeks and things being out of stock because of the rush to beat the deadline , you may see a raise in prices bc supply and demand and they could lol but as far as not being able to get something ever again isnt in the near future , so if you are low on sometjing order sooner than you usually would just so your not waiting , hopefully these companies have prepared , i not doing anything out of the ordinary unless i get notice on some serious price increases but usually a company will give you ample notice


The initial draft of the regulations I read was pretty clear that straight nic is not considered a “finished product”, and therefore would not be regulated as such. Now we may, in fact see some temporary increases in shipping times due to demand, but I don’t think the FDA will be outlawing sales.

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I think you might have misunderstood the intent behind stocking up on Nicotine. It’s not for fear of it not being available, but for the fact that it’s fully expected to be taxed to hell and back in the future.

Some states have already hopped on this train, and it’s common sense to expect the rest to, as well as the Feds of course. Once you look at the numbers (tax revenue) they’ve lost in the last few years from those that have quit smoking, and factor in that the numbers of ex smokers keep growing as they find vaping works, it then becomes clear that it’s no longer a matter of if they will tax it, but when and how much.

When you see tax hikes of (so far) up to 40%…I think it’s Very wise to have Nicotine very high on the short list of what to “invest” in as a Vaper. That $60 for a liter of nic today from Grant @Nicotine_River, could easily turn into $100-$120 per liter “tomorrow”.

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OK… So I sent an e-mail to Wizard Labs this morning. I asked quite honestly, do I have anything to worry about? This was their response:

Hi Maureenie,

Thank you for your business with Wizard Labs. The last day for all new
products to enter the market is August 8th 2016. After that, all existing
products have two years to comply with current regulations. That period ends
on August 8th, 2018. We do not foresee any changes to the way we sell and
what we sell until at least August 8th, 2018. We are happy to answer any and
all of your questions the best we can. We will work hard every day at
pursuing our passion of providing a high quality line of affordable products
that serve our valued customers’ needs in the best way possible. We really
appreciate your support. Please email back or give us a call at (321)
422-0803 with any questions or concerns.

Love you all, taking a nap :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear cause I’m not near as stocked as I’d like to be! Needed everything so was buying a little of this & a little of that as I could. But when the cancer hit I made about a dozen converts of people who didn’t even know what vaping was! I started handing out small time gear & liquid. I’m as poor as a church mouse but after what I just went thru, if they were serious, they got an ego & 30 ml with an offer for lessons. So if Kentucky gets flooded with some mediocre juice you all know who to blame. :slight_smile: