Shout Out to all the master mixers!

I am always impressed with people who can use a plethora of flavors to create one amazing mix. I have only been DIY’ing since Feb 2017. The most flavors I can get a handle on is 6, and I rarely do that.
What inspires you Master Mixers when combining a large amount of flavors??


I dont know about being a master mixer but my inspiration is always perfection. Whether it takes one flavor or many it almost always boils down to making the mix taste exactly the way I want it to. To that end i will use almost any flavoring at any percentage to make it work.

I have several notes books full mixes that are just not quite there yet, sadly i also lack the time to complete them all.


And a total disregard of common sense :grin:

(and having friends who will gladly vape the cast offs) :wink: lol


I totally agree. Sometimes it takes just the right combo of flavors. I have one mix that is 23 flavors. All have to be just right or it won’t work.


not a master mixer , i do offen find myself in the 8 to 12 flavor range making a recipe especially if remaking a commercial juice ( not cloning ) my goal always is to make that juice better , learning the flavors as a single flavor will help you along the way , to create a juice with 6 flavors is just as hard to create a good juice with 15 flavors , honestly sometimes i have one or three too many flavors at the begining of making a juice and often end up with 4 to 6 versions before im ok with it , the people i make it for often like it on the first or second attempt lol


Well, I am not a master but I have one recipe with 14 flavors. It started with 5 and now it has 14…

It went kind of like this:

Mix recipe, wait a week, try it. So I says to myself… “hmmm that needs to be sweeter…”

Add Marshmallow.

Wait 2 days… try it…say to myself… “Hmmm, I think that needs a spot of lemon.”

Wait 2 days… (ad nauseum)

And that’s my story.


and your sticking to it lol, i actually enjoyed your story


I have a guinea pig friend as well! haha


I do the same thing. I can’t stop until they are just right. but i have ample time to obsess my way to perfect on every one of them!


not a master mixer… but i am sure that even master mixers will agree…

for making a recipe with many flavors on the right percentages etc needs:

  1. time
  2. money
  3. too many notes
  4. good knowledge of the tastes one by one
  5. good knowledge of every single ingredient
  6. some luck from times to times…
  7. patience

there are kinda some general ways to mix many flavors…but ok still all the above are needed no matter how… on the other hand vaping isn’t a competition… every mixer has something in his mind that he wants to taste… that could be with 2 flavors or 102 flavors… the most important is the taste… not the amount :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most of my vape recipes are patterned after something I make in the kitchen, or have eaten or drank somewhere. I do a Rice Crispi treat juice that is after my own, and nothing like the thing on the box. I also do one after California Pizza Kitchen’s Butter Cake. It’s amazing, but a lengthy mix. They just seem to grow very lengthy as I go for a certain flavor.

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I’m with you on that. I am a big fan of bakery juices, so I’ll find myself looking through a lot of different recipe books and making them for real to get an idea of what goes in and in what percentages, gives me something to aim for when I start trying to replicate it in a juice. Honestly, sometimes I think baking is easier! Lol