Shout Out To Juicefactory

I big shout out to Tom who owns (?)

I placed an order last week of a few new flavours and a couple of reups about an hour later he called me apologizing profusely that they were currently out of TPA Sweet Cream and couldn’t ship the 4oz until they got it in stock. He offered me a refund or he would ship it separately on his dime as soon as it came in. Just to top it off he offered me a couple of 10ml at no charge to tide me over if I was desperate or he would send a few bottles for me to sample. We had a great chat about flavours and mixing.

Tom I hope you accept the invitation to drop by as a vendor and become a part of the elr landscape. Thanks for the great customer service and the chat and of course the moliberry freebies (below).

I haven’t mixed it yet but from the smell you are totally right about the Glamour Chocolate it smells fantastic.


That’s awesome! Hope he joins ELR !

I’ve also been wanting to try the Glamour Chocolate, haven’t found it anywhere here in the US, but I haven’t looked real hard :wink:


I can second that Juice Factory are easy to deal with and have a good range of flavours.


Yep, I’ve had some dealings with Tom myself and the service has always been excellent :ok_hand:


I’ll be trying these guy’s out soon​:sunglasses::dash::dash::dash:


I can vouch for them as well. I think @woftam sent me there because they still had the old inw mc !!!

You know what? Customer service MATTERS. Nice referral @woftam and good story.

Well played Tom, and I hope to see you here even if only as a member.