Show and tell: Geek Vape AEGIS 100W Indestructible Box Mod

Aegis mod by Geek Vape

Won AEGIS 100W Box Mod contest Aug 28, received the mod Sept 11 2017.
The package came nicely packed in good condition.

The manufacturers website:

Look there on the box is the main point of this review. “Military STD 810G-516.6 military grade shockproof. IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof”.
You can find the entire 810G specification and others at if you REALLY like to read.

This mod feels great in hand, it has enough rubber so it won’t easily slip out of your pocket. There are no visible openings in the case except the tiny vent holes on the top of the mod and the screws on the side. Actually the trim screws just attach to the outer case and the vent hole cover also covers the micro-USB port used for upgrading the firmware, and it is sealed with a silicone seal so water cannot get into the device unless the battery had actually vented.

Maximum power output: 100W
Material: Aluminum, Zinc alloy, silicone
Dimensions: 37.846.888mm or 1.488"x 1.842"x 3.464"
Battery:18650/26650 standard, 21700/21700 with a optional battery cap
PCB temperature safety shutoff: 75°C or 167°F
Maximum firing duration: 10 seconds
Maximum Voltage Duration: 9V
Operating temperature: -40°C~+80°C or -40°F~+176°F

VPC is something new to me, it stands for (I think) Variable Power Curve. The way it works is somewhat like a preheat coil function but you can select each power level for each second during the first 4 seconds. sdThis is a great function to get the most flavor out of your juice.

The Geek Vape AEGIS 100W TC Box Mod is definitely the most durable mod I own. don’t look for me to run over my mod, or throw it against a brick wall. For that fun look on youtube at all the Aegis Abuse, this mod takes a beating and keeps working (sometimes). It will run 5+ hours on a single 18650, and up to two and one half (2.5) days on a single 26650 battery. For even more versatility you can obtain a thinner Battery Cap Cover to accommodate 20700 and 21700 Batteries.

about 5-7 hours run time.

32 hours run time.

More pics:

AEGIS w/ Trimble GPS Survey gear.

Posed with Cat Key precariously on a rock!

You want this mod, buy one today at


It’s a lovely looker! :grin:


Nice win @CosmicTruth!
What ohms & wattage are you running to get that life out of your batteries?


Cool, Just around 40-50
26650 Battery is what does it.


2.5 days at 40-50w? :star_struck: awesome! Thx fer that.


Very nice!

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Sweet! I’ve been wanting to get one for the hubby. He’s so damn hard on his devices I think this would be perfect for him. My biggest concern was battery life. He doesn’t like to have to take extra batteries to work with him and it seems like with a 26650 he would be good to go! Thanks for the review!

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I’m getting long life from the 26650’s but the downside is no USB charger and no passthru. So the battery has to be charged on an external charger.

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Which is fine with me. We always charge our batteries externally.

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Awesome review man :wink: I got mine a couple of weeks ago and intend to review it next week, I love it, I don’t get the same battery life as you and there is a very noticeable lag at about 40% but the mod is awesome, so solid and well made.

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What brand 26650 would you recommend? TBH I’ve never used one before.

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Here’s Mooch’s recommended 26650s (click the picture to see the whole thing):

And he has more info about his tests here:


I have the ijoy inr26650 which he also rates pretty high and they are pretty good


I’m been running it continuously (except when i slept) and exclusively for 28 hours and it still has plenty of power (20%). I’m running a battery that is middle of the road according to mooch:
It’s all I could afford at the time. But still doing much better than my other 18650 mods.

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I just got an aegis, and really dig it. The build quality is absolutely incredible. It’s definitely the most sturdy mod I’ve held to date. I do have a question though. I’m coming from dual 15650 mods and am not sure what ohms and wattage I should be running to keep my batteries within spec. I’m used to really low ohm builds, but the voltage is pretty high. So I bumped up the ohm on my coils, but am not getting the hits that I am used to.

I got the Ijoy as well as it fit right into the specs between battery life, and amp rating. It’s a good little battery, I am pretty happy with it.

I bet you don’t need to change anything, the Aegis has a pretty wide spread on it’s specs:
Output mode: VW ~ VPC ~ TC ~ TCR ~ BYPASS
Wattage range: 1 – 100 W
Resistance range: 0.05 – 3.0 ohm
Temperature Range: 100-315° C | 200-600° F

You should be able to build a coil to fit.

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