Sigelei 200 Watt Update 10-18-15

It looks like Sig is stepping up their TC Mod. This may the one for me… Fingers Crossed.

Authentic Sigelei 200 Watt Temperature Control


That looks interesting. The price is completely ridiculous though :stuck_out_tongue: I know it’s a “place holder price”, but still :stuck_out_tongue: heheh


I can’t find any other info for this mod, but I’m hoping this one has more features than their previous 2 TC mods. I love the quality of a Sig mod and hopefully they will come with the full package this time.

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Dang I’d love something that fancy…
Would buy at a price point under $250

It should be under $250 if it doesn’t have a DNA chip. I can’t find any more info yet.

Sigelei 200 Watt TC will support Ti. I’m not sure if it can be updated.

Looks like this Sig will be a contender. This is what I’ve been waiting to see from Sigelei…

Sigelei 200 Watt TC


It has to be upgradable - It looks like a computer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I cant wait, might wait till after release and bugs worked out. I have the Snow wolf 200 and its not the best TC mod but great for regular regulated vaping. It utilizes Pulse modulation which is how its able to achieve the higher wattages.

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