Sigelei 200W Fu Chai

Any thought on this [Sigelei 200W Fu Chai][1]?

[1]: I Have a credit with GearBest for almost the cost of this and was wondering if anyone has seen or tried it.


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Cheap price. I’ve had a couple 200watt box mods. Never could use more then 75 watts on either one of them. But maybe thats just me.

I’ve never even thought about vaping at 200 watts but it seems the manufacturers think they need it for temp control, or so it seems. I can see how a reserve (burst of power) could help get the temp up and maintain it but I have no idea why they need that much power. I haven’t seen a good explanation for why they’re doing it but they are.

I was just looking to see what they had to upgrade from the 80 watt box they are giving me a credit on and it looked good so I asked :wink:

Well i did notice the they had a maga boost of temperature and hold it. And you don’t have to use as much power for some reason. But either one of them lasted. They both messed up. And im looking for a good box mod. If you get it. Let me know how it works out for you plz.

I have the sigilei 200 fuchai and the snow wolf 200 both are great mods. I only crank it up to 200 with a well built RDA and it hits amazingly.
The most I go up on them with a tank is 120 watts with the tfvf quad coils.