Sigelei 213 replacement suggestions

So my Sigelei 213 died today, while I was at work far from home. The power button got stuck on, and burnt up a brand new coil.
I’m so glad that I carry 2 mods…

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement?

I really want a light mod, not too big or heavy, that packs two 18650s and is comfortable in a short pocket next to another mod.
Preferably in parallel, but series will do.
Did I mention that I want a light one?

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Of the few mods I have the Fuchai 213 is the most compact. Other than a wood mod I have the 213 is the lightest. Even the aluminum body of the HW G2 gets weighty when 2 batteries are put in.

Maybe someone can weigh in on the Alien or Predator.

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What about an IPV8…


Is it any good?
How does the weight/size/quality/etc. compare to the Sigelei 213?

Look at Daniels review on it.

I don’t have a sigelei but I have an alien and just got an ipv8 this morning. It absolutely wipes the floor with the alien. The TC is spot on but it won’t fire above 120 in TC mode (that doesn’t bother me as I don’t vape that high). The finish seems better (even though my alien doesn’t have a mark on it). It’s narrower and slimmer than the alien but very slightly taller. They’re about the same weight, but high power dual battery mods will have some weight to them.


I have the carbon fiber 213 and a fuchia 213 love them both
Have you seen the fuchia plus looks nice added a screw up top and color screen
also I have a predator 228 on the way
And Segeli is coming out with the Kaos
Mod looks great light as fuchia


The IPV8 is a solid choice… i carry the sig 213 and IPV8 daily… I like the IPV8 better works great feels good in the hands… very similar in weight but to me it feels better made than the sig 213… it’s not very expensive either and a good mod to keep around… if my sig 213 and IPV8 both broke today I would replace them both with an IPV8


I’m seriously impressed with this ipv8. The menu takes a little bit of getting used to compared to other mods though. I can’t believe how accurate the TC is and it fires instantly. Now on the look out for the new one the IPV vesta :grin:


Glad I could help you make the decision to get one brother!! Like I said it’s part of my daily cary set up✌️

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I will definitely give the IPV8 a close look. Thanks for the suggestions.

There are a ton of great two battery mods out there. I have the IPV8, the Alien, and a Tarot and love all of them. I also have an Eleaf Istick 100w tc and it works… mostly. The new Predator is getting a lot of positive press. The SX mini and the Therion are gorgeous mods but obviously pricey.

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The predator looks a good solid mod if you only use power mode. I like the firing bar too, they’re much more comfortable than a button.


I’ve got the Alien and the GX350 with firing bars and absolutely love them! As you say, much more comfortable than a button. Squeeze and vape. I just have to be careful to lock them when I am carrying them around with other stuff. Pretty easy to squeeze and fire during transport.


My wife has an Alien. I don’t like the firing button since I carry 2 mods in my short pocket. That type of button scare me. Beside, I like buttons, not firing bars. So the Predator is out, too.

I have a Therion. Gorgeous, but big and heavy.

I have a Tarot. I just don’t like it.It’s too wide and thin. I like the shape and size of the 213 and it’s brethren like the Fuchai.

And that’s why I don’t like firing bars.

I’m only one day with the IPV8 but so far it’s an outstanding mod. I’d swap my alien for one in a heartbeat.

How’s the weight compared to the 213?

I don’t have a 213. I have an alien and ipv8, They’re both small mods and weigh about the same. If weight is such an issue you might be better off with a single battery mod. All dual mods will have a bit of weight to them. Without batteries they’re both 146g

I’ve got many single-battery mods. They just don’t last the day. The Sigelie and Fuchai always do. I know a dual-battery mod will be heavier - I just don’t want to get something that weighs as much as a Therion or VaporFlask. Those things just weight too much. If the IPV8 weighs as much as an Alien then I’ll be fine. Thanks.