Sigelei fuchai duo-3 2

Has anyone used this mod in Temp Control and what has been their opinion of this mod for TC?

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Unfortunately the experience for me was no different than the 213 & the standard Fuchai. Total fail. :confused:

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It’s my opinion that Sigelei simply cannot do TC yet (as far as SS is concerned, which is all that matters to me)


This is extremely unfortunate.(ohcrappyshittydarnpoop)

My dear, loving and caring children just bought me one for my birthday…

I don’t know who the vendor is yet. I’m wondering if they would let me swap it for one that will do TC. Is that a terrible thing to do with a gift?

I like mine but it is a power mod only, Temp is horrible, I also kind of freaked out when I went to change the batteries the first time, I put the new ones in and it would not fire up with multiple sets of batteries in both configurations 2 and 3 bat mode. was about to give up a noticed a little black sticker type insulator that came loose and was stopping contact with the batteries. it fell out and it has been working fine since. there is really no use that I can see for this little piece of plastic than maybe a little more protection if you ha small tears it the wraps on the tops of the batteries. If you wan’t a good Temp mod steer clear of any of the Sig fuchi models not one I have even comes close. My DNA and FSK chips have me spoiled.

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Kids got me one you guys recommended.