Signature by TPA

Was just speaking of it so I was wondering if everyone noted the TFA/TPA change, my recent order is now in Signature bottles.
Do you like the name Signature better or no? I’d imagine it’ll really add to the current confusion with this brand

Maybe it’s to differentiate 'tween their vaping liquids and their cosmetic / culinary products?

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At ECX TFA has been called " signature " for as long as I can remember. Did you get yours some place else ? It has caused some confusion as if that company needed anymore with all those abbreviations.

As @Amy2 says, Signature is just ecigexpress’ name for TFA/TPA :slight_smile: We change/merge all TFA/Signature to TPA :smile:

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Ah I see until you said something I forgot my other tpa order WASN’T from ECX. Which aided in my own confusion :wink:

HM why would ECX decide to make their own branding for another company? And why could I only find ‘blueberry’ and not extra or wild… If the DIY world didn’t already have enough confusion at times


ECX only has certain flavors of the TFA brand. You’ll have to get bb extra / wild at BCV ,WL or Cat house vapor. Cat house has a discount for 5% ELRECIPES at check out.

I agree thou, why not just have them all if your going to carry the line, who knows why.

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Especially since it seems like wild and extra a quite popular

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