Significant Other? How'd you meet?

My girlfriend now, we met online, on Meetme, lol. We only chatted a couple times (though for hours) but she lived nearby, and I happened to be in her city, just having lunch with my grandmother who was visiting from out of state, so after lunch, I messaged her and we met up at the mall, saw a movie, had dinner, then just sat and talked outside in the lovely july weather, in the mall parking lot, until nearly 3am LOL neither of us wanted the day to end, we just hit it off from day one, and so we decided to date. I used to drive down here almost daily to see her, now we live together, been just over 8 months and its going great. I am just really bad at going out and meeting new people randomly, I am kind of introverted and tend to keep to myself, but online I am very comfortable and open.


Great topic! Guess I’ll repost what I posted in the gamers topic.

Our story is unusual, fer shur.
He’s Canadian. I’m Texan.
My oldest son was deployed in Iraq and suggested I try FFXI so we could talk online
in game while fighting monsters together. lol So, I bought the game, installed it and got
totally hooked. One time, while gather a team together to go ‘level’, I invited Djsstorm
to the group. We ended up ‘hanging out’ together in game a lot. We eventually became
inseparable, he a Paladin and myself a Red Mage… we made a great team.

18 months later, he decided to come visit me in Texas for 2 weeks. 3 months later (December of 2006), he moved here permanently. We married the following year and we are very, very happy.


Yeah, that is all I did, when we got talking, I realized it should probably be in it’s very own thread, so I copy/pasted mine also :slight_smile: I hope more people join in. I have had a really bad last couple months, and even worse last couple weeks, so i thought it would be refreshing for myself, and everyone else to have a nice love filled topic to read.


We lived in the same neighborhood, during High School. I hung out with her older brother. We were on and off for a few years. We explored other aspects of life. I took off in a '65 VW Camper for a while and played hippie. We eventually gravitated back together, and decided we were right for each other.

We’ll be celebrating our 39th anniversary in April.


On Facebook. It all started with a friend request. And it went from there. We talked for hours day after day. We meet and a year latter we was married. Good old fashioned biker wedding.


I was newly divorced and moved into an apartment complex i had lived in before. A couple times a week i would pass this incredibly beautiful and obviously shy woman on the stairs. At the time i simply smiled and said hello. That is until one day when i passed her on the stairs and and made that perfect step and my sandal farted right in the middle of saying hello. She looked at me and started laughing her ass off while i tried to explain that it was my shoe. After that we started hanging out together for about a year until we decided to changed the status of our relationship. A few years later we were married in my parents house in the back yard.

My favorite pic from that event:


She was one of my high school buddies little sister. She was a freshman and I was a senior. We dated for six years, got married when she was 20 and I was 23. We have been married for 25 years this year, and after 30 years of smoking 04-07-2016 will be one year without a cigarette for her.


@Ken_O_Where I can see why that is your favorite! The look on her pretty face and you looking away, it must be asked… did you just fart?:smiley:
I bet your not wearing sandals and she knows it!


LOL! I bet it appears that way but no, no shoe farting that time, hehe. It was November 11th and almost 70 degrees so i was getting my dose of sun for the year, at the same time my old man said something really stupid to the wife and she was giving him the wtf look.


It’s priceless man! Pics like that you will always remember!


It is so great to read how it happens haha sometimes by chance, sometimes it seems more like fate, but its always awesome and special, and in kens case, humorous lol :grin:
My first day with my girl was rather funny, we tried to walk into the mall, so we went to the nearest store that was attached, bed bath and beyond, come to find out after walking in a big circle thru the store, they didn’t have a mall entrance, then during the movie (Jurassic World) there was hardly anyone there, and we kept just joking and laughing at everything in the movie, hands down one of the funniest movies we ever saw because of our smartass sense of humor about it all. Then that night in the car till 3am we talked about anything and everything from favorite food to philosophy, then we were making out, and security came over and he reminded me of Paul Blart mall cop, all nervous to say anything like “I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I tried to give you guys a few hours, but the mall is closed and this is private property, I have to ask you to leave… But I’m so sorry have a good night…” Lol our next date we went for a hike, and afterward I was pulled over for a failure to yield… Turns out I cut off a sheriff by mistake, he was rather upset and arrested me for a warrant for a 10 year old unpaid ticket. She had to drive my car to my place and get her car, while I was being booked into jail… I thought that was it, I was so depressed, I didn’t think she would want to date me anymore because of it, but nope I was so wrong, she ended up putting over $50 on the phone for me to call her every day while I was in there for two weeks waiting for court. :slight_smile: that’s how I knew she’s a keeper LOL


I waz in Houston at a truck stop. Paid her 30 bux for a good time. The rest is history.


I was stationed at a very small radar site in the middle of nowhere.
After softball games, we would hit the little bar/grill in the town.
Over the course of time, got to know one of the bartenders and found out
she was a Laker fan ( Celtic fan here ), she hated Monty Python, Anime, Jazz
music, all the things I love. We had nothing in common So of course I asked her out.

26 years later, still going strong.

Moral of the story…Never marry your bartender!


I was working as a medical records clerk and always had a story about my wild and crazy nights ( when I was a drinker ) anyway I talk kinda loud don’t hear that well …My older friend who was a receptionist always told me I should meet her son and that I needed to find a nice man and settle down. I blew her off for forever until I seen some pictures of him laying in the break room near her lunch …I sly-fully asked what her son was doing for spring break hheheh well been on spring break ever since Our goal is to get married this year ! Just turned 15 years a couple days ago !

This was before we went to nursing school


I loved reading this topic. Thank you guys for sharing your stories.

I met my lady when I took a new job as a medical claims processor at Blue Cross Blue Shield. She (Debra) was one of my trainers (being a new hire and all) … I thought she was really cute and sweet. Knowing she was married, I didn’t really think I had a snowball’s chance in Hell with her so I tried to keep things professional. After about a year of working together, we became pretty comfortable with eachother and started having lunch together. I was going through some difficult times with my then wife (we are divorced now) and Debra knew I was kind of stressed about it and I opened up to her about my marriage problems and she was very supportive, which I greatly appreciated. Anyway, i ended up getting fired over something very stupid (that’s a whole different story) … and I was sure Debra and I would lose touch … And we did for a few months, but then on a fateful day, she sent me a message on Facebook telling me she and her husband were separated and she filed for divorce. That was my window of opportunity and I didn’t let it slip. I asked her out on a date and that was the best date ever. We dated for about a year before she moved in with me.


My Wife and I accidentally ran into each other when she was doing a travel assignment in my area. We found so much to talk about that we found it a burden to be apart. We got married and we still never stop talking.