Silica cord vs cotton

at the suggestion of a couple peopleon this site im thinking of building my own coils , while doing research i found silica cord for sell is this a product that replaces cotton ??? and is it a good replacement

Silica is old news, that’s how it all started. There are certain health risks associated with silica cord, coming from silica particles that get loose. The flavours isn’t on par with either cotton or mesh, the only pro I see is that you can dry burn and re-use it. Wouldn’t recommend it, really. Stick to cotton, especially in the beginning.

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that is why i ask , ty very much

@fidalgo_vapes here’s an entertaining youtube …BTW many people remove both sides of the “skin” from the pad, but you can watch the “Sushi Roll” technique where the guy leaves both side skins on

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I only use cotton. Japanese organic cotton. No silica