Simba and Phoenix

Two tanks I got recently. Just a brief on how I like them. For specific info, see YouTube videos.
I got the Simba May 14. It has excellent flavor using the all ceramic coil, but it seeps. They give you 3 types: An RBA deck, a ceramic with cotton, and an all ceramic.
The Ceramic/cotton wick coil had no flavor. I vaped one whole tank in it. Flavor was very poor. I will try rebuilding it with Ti and see if it is use-able/offers enough flavor.
The All ceramic coil gives excellent flavor and I like the tank a lot. But, it seeps. Over night and just sitting or if you are vaping it, you’ll get a drop of juice coming out the air holes now and then.
I still need to try out the RBA deck. If it doesn’t leak and gives good flavor, I’d say the Simba is a winner. If the RBA deck leaks or seeps or gives poor flavor, this tank is a looser.
Other aspects are good. Top fill and Juice flow control are great. You can access the coil with a full tank, and the tank looks very nice and has a large capacity.

The Phoenix:. The flavor is 10/10 but it is definitely not for me. I don’t like the (3) huge drip tips that came with it. I had to rig something up to make myself something so I could put my own preferable drip tip on it. I really don’t want it. You must run it at 40 watts or more. Not for me. The top fill and juice flow control on it are lovely. Also, tank capacity and appearance are lovely. For someone that likes large drip tips and a higher wattage tank - I’d give it a very good rating.