Simple apple

Here is a simple apple i found to be good! Its very mellow and not to over powering. Let me know if you tried it and enjoy it. If not also let me know what i can change to make it better. Its good as a shake n vape havent tried to steep it yet but will and will let you know how it was.

Simple apple
Flavorwest Green Apple 5%
Capella Fuji Apple 5%
Flavor art Sour Wizard 4%

I mean taste is subjective but I doubt its mellow with Sour Wizard @ 4% :crazy_face:

However if you like it than that’s all that matters. I would of done more apple layering and get the sour this way, adding maybe a drop or two of wizard later on if needed, again its subjective. Thx for sharing.

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Thats the thing with sour wizard at 4% i still cant taste it any what should i do. I love sour candy mixes but cant seem to get the sour right

Throw some sucralose in with it at about 1% or so, it sounds counterintuitive but it’ll help the sour pop.

I have only been mixing for 2 months, but I have played with Fuji Apple FA a fair bit. What I found works well with apple for me is pairing with pear, lemon, cactus and citric acid. I tend to use the sour sparingly it’s more of a side note for me.
I have 2 different recipes that I have really enjoyed. Keeping in mind I went straight for DIY and have only tasted 1 other persons mixes.
Apple Peak is my only public recipe and this one I’ve added to the original and still adjusting slightly.

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Not familar with/used the sour but what % did u start? Do u use the user/flavor lists to give u an idea where to start and what diff % will achieve? The median seems to be 1% id start there myself.