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I am a fairly new DIY’er. Been vaping for almost 2 years, and been on this site lurking and studying for at least 3-4 months. I am noticing a large amount of complex recipes. Though not a lot of simple easy to do recipes. I am wanting to start a thread of simple creations that have 4 less flavors. I have one out that I like a lot called Creamy Berry Crunch with marshmallows. I would like to see a Simple Strawberry Milk and maybe a good Sugar Cookie juice. Please remember I am a newbie, so keep critisims constructive. Thank you all for your patience and efforts.


Snake oil clone has 3 ingredients and is very very good. My adv for sure. Daath or “Lars” on ELR has the recipe and also snake venom is very good as well.

These are some of the simple recipes I like… They all either have Pomegranate or Blue Berry, which are the flavours I like the most.


Papa Smurf

The sweeteners in these can dirty your coils pretty quick…

Jan Berry

Perky Pom

Cold flame

I agree sometimes simple is the best and you can appreciate the flavor’s and get to know them. I made this one below its 3 flavors. All questions are admissible and consider when dealing with diy so ask a way someone here can always help you or get you the info you need ! I’m going to be enjoying these posts as well because I don’t always care for a complex e juice.

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I made the creamy Berry crunch with marshmellows and it was fantastic! Is this one ones because man it was good !!:+1:

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Simple good recipes:

White Tic-Tacs: (shake & vape!)

Catherine the Grape clone: (shake & vape!)

My Jaegerbomb: (shake & vape!)

Creamsicles: (shake & vape!)

And there are many more good simple recipes :smile:

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I am glad you enjoyed it! I was a little nervous posting it. Thought it may have been a little simple. But we all started somewhere, right?

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It was dang good imma make a bigger batch next time :blush:

Have a couple you might want to try that are pretty simple:
DaMomma’s Strawberry Cheesecake