Simple RY4 menthol recipe?

I have a friend who exclusively vapes a house brand RY4 menthol juice. She’s spending way too much on it and I’d love to mix up a little surprise bottle or two for her to try… Only problem is I can’t stand tobacco or menthol flavors so I totally don’t even have a starting point. Anyone have a great recipe with just RY4 tobacco and menthol that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me? :smiley:

I know a lot of people will vote for ry4 double tpa.

That’s all I got. I would recommend stalking @Kinnikinnick. I consider him a master of tobaccos. I stair at his recipies all day dreaming about making one of his.


Let the stalking begin!

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@Kinnikinnick has a great Tribeca recipe that might work with a slight dash of menthol. Not being a menthol vaper myself, I really couldn’t say.


Hehe…no stalking necessary! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can point you to a good RY4 Tribeca mix, but you’ll have to experiment with the menthol additive on your own. Neither me or my wife vape menthol tobacco mixes. :pensive:

I have to say, there are LOTS of RY4 concentrates out on the market. Which one of those will please your friend is the trick. They’re all different in their own unique fashion. My wife is the RY4 vaper in the house. Ive tried making mixes for her with just about every RY4 concentrate on the market… the winner was TPA RY4 Double (she likes the RY4 Asian as well).

DO NOT buy rebottled TPA concentrates… I have had limited success with the mix tasting the same from batch to batch using rebottled TPA.

I have made many versions of this Tribeca mix for my wife. This is the original version, which she says she likes the best. My public Tribeca recipe is a good RY4 mix as well; it just has some different flavors and ratios than the original.

I hope you have luck in finding the RY4 tobacco base used in her juice. That issue is the crux of the matter. Sometimes it takes a long time to hit the mark. :pensive: Perseverance is the key! :grinning:


I see the EM in the mix…what if I don’t have EM? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know crazy question.

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Marshmallow is the answer to all things DIY.


Not a crazy question. :grinning: EM is basically something like TPA cotton candy. You could use any type of sweetener you’d like, 'cause basically that’s what EM does for a mix. I make my own using EM crystals from TPA; a 10% dilution (1g EM crystals and 9g PG).

Or as @JoJo says, you can use marshmallow or perhaps a sweet cream; anything that will offer a sweet note to the tobacco. :grinning:


Hmmm. I’m gonna have to revisit ry4 FA again. I know it’s not the right ry4…but it’s calling my name.

Mixed it with caramel FA and classic vanilla FA. It was good, but not all the way there. Maybe graham and marshmallow will tie it together

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It will. Trust me, I play a doctor on TV.

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I will say that steep time is very important with both FA and TPA tobaccos. It’s a different ballgame at the 4 week mark. :grinning: The wait is worth it in most cases with synthetic tobaccos.


Oh yeah. Week three it was good. Made another mix. Steeped to week 5/6…something happened…flavor dropped off. Never mixed again. I’m sure it was a user error. But it was right when a bunch of my fruit vapes started to become great. Then I started chasing other mixes.

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I find that this happens when I mix large batches with EM. Over time it fades. I switched to marshmallow instead and it keeps much longer.

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Yeah I think it was newbie mixing skills being over confident. One hair off on FA or one failed good shake of any high concentrated flavor screws everything up.

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I am also on a quest RY4 menthol. Ron Y-4 Chilled from Liberty Vapor in the Philly area is my all time favorite juice and I NEED to come up with a good clone. I’m currently experimenting with an RY4 mix that uses FA RY4 as the base flavor. A guy named wllmc posted it on ECF back in the day, look it up. So far I like it but I’m only 2 weeks into the steep so I’m not sure if it’s 100% the one I’m looking for.

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Oooh… one of my faves and VERY simple:

Icy Soho Loner

1% Extreme Ice (FW)
0.2% Smooth (TPA)
10% Soho (FA)

Flavor total: 11.2%
Remember to rate it at:


noshadowkick Yea I’m philly guy too and liberty’s “ODB” was my absolute hands down favorite flavor of all time, and their RY4 was my 2nd fav(or back up when they were out of ODB I should say lol),it’s so sad they quit makin juice, cause I’ve yet to find anyone that comes close, they just had something special in there process, that musk in the aftertaste was like orgasm in your mouth with all their flavors lol….but here’s a gift hope it helps…I too have been trying for years to re create their “ODB” recipe, so I finally reached out snd emailed owner begging for a hint, snd dude was so cool, sent me back long email with the whole recipe!! now he didn’t give me RY4 recipe…BUT…he did inform me they use to use “perfumers apprentice” flavoring in their liquids, and you can actually go to there website, and just buy the RY4 flavoring, I havnt tried it yet, but I’m assuming since they make the actual flavor, that liberty prob just used it out of box and didn’t tweak too much, so you may be able to get a pretty authentic recreation, good place to start anyway, saw ur post snd thought I’d share the knowledge


Welcome to ELR! I hope you join the community here.

Do you mind sharing the ODB recipe? I would be interested in it.


Haha thanks for welcome🙏🏼….so I don’t know exact ratios just flavor ingredient list, which includes a flavor called “M-type” which was a tobacco flavor that they stopped making, but I’ve looked online and found clones, so I’m debating wether to use a clone just for that flavor, or try to replace it with a similar “perfumers apprentice” flavor (who btw also go under “the flavor apprentice” now too), still figuring out cause I’m in no way a DIY guy lol, gonna be my first attempt, but anyway here is the flavor list

M type

DK tobacco

crème de menth