Simple SnV Coffee (request)

Hi, I am looking for a simple recipe for my wife, she loves coffee but I want to get it right the first time, she drinks fp;gers black silk with cream and sugar, I can post my flavor stash if needed but im placing a new order tonight. Thanks in advance.

I do not drink coffe and my wife has never had starbucks (Gourmet) coffee so looking for something simple with a low steep time. Thanks, Roy

I am making smooth morning Kick by Lars but it may have to steep a bit, thanks again!

I really enjoy UP by Flavor art… Mix it at 3 percent and vape away!

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Thanks @Joel5
here is my flavor stash link:

Sounds like Smooth Morning Kick will be just perfect - it’s delicious pretty much straight away but maybe make one to SnV and one to steep so you can compare.

Hope your wife enjoys it - it’s one of the first I made and one I always have on me now!

Thanks @Lolly I will have her try it out as soon as it has been mixed but I heard espresso was strong so I figured it had to mellow a bit

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@daath really nailed the percentages on this one so def get her to try once mixed and shaken like crazy! :+1:

Hey Roy, I gave your stash a bit of a look and I noticed that you have quite a few flavours entered in incorrectly, may I offer some advice?

The Flavor Apprentice is listed under TPA, so when you are typing your flavours into your list make them like
Caramel (Original) TPA
the one that has the most results will be the one that you pick.

Here is a link to my stash and you will see the format at which will net you the most recipes, because without that format you are just getting duplicates of flavours which will have less recipes to play with:

Here is my stash:

Just figured I would help you out, from what I can see is there’s:
(graham crust) tpa which is wrong, I’ll assume this is Cheesecake Graham CrustI (TPA)
TPA Coconut which is the wrong format, I believe this would be Coconut Extra (TPA)
CAP Vanilla Custard wrong format again, try Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
etc etc.

If you need any help with it you can feel free to PM me, I’m only here to get you more recipes on your account, you will see a drastic increase by fixing the Vanilla Custard v1 by itself


Thanks Joel, I will definately make that much neater :slight_smile:

Mine was a mess when I first started until a member pointed it out, so ever since that day I always browse people’s stashes to make sure everything is up to snuff :wink:

Nice work @Joel5. That V1 is a real pain. You literally have to type “Vanilla Custard v1” for it to populate as a choice. @roy291 as you enter flavors notice the number next to it …that’s how many people have that listed in one of their recipes. A database of (precisely named!) flavors drive your personal “What Can I Make” search so your Flavor Stash entries need to have the highest rating numbers.

If you see a low number it is probably not entered correctly …look more closely and type with care. If you enter with a misspell (for example) not only will you not be able to match that flavor up with a recipe using the “What Can I make” button/feature but you will have just added to (polluted!) that dropdown of flavors others see (when you start typing “strawberry” for example).

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good point about entering the correct spelling or wording that has more entries… when i type in a new flavour i look at the drop down panel and list it as the one with the most people using that flavour. originally, up until reading this post, thought that it was how many people had that particular flavour in their stash… tho now i know it is how many recipes that flavour is used in… jus learnded sumthink nu :nerd: :

My wife and I were also looking for an all day coffee vape and I also asked on the forum here. I was led to several great recipes one of them being Lars Smooth morning kick. I expanded on it and came up with this recipe
My wife absolutely loves it and of course she is the one who gave it that delightful name. The acytel pyrazine is optional and can be used with a lesser percentage for sure, I might drop by half in my recipe as that stuff is really strong. Give it a try

Here’s one I made a short time back. It’s decent enough SnV but improves with a week or two. You can drop the Condensed Milk and hardly tell the difference.