Simple Strawberry & Cream & Strawberry Ripe gone?

Im new to the forum. Sorry If I do anything wrong.


@Joshua_Vapes PiMp On PimP. Maybe not lick the e-liquid tho. When vaping you may absorb 30% of the Nicotine …pretty sure you put it on your tongue …that’s keepin’ it :100:% (absorption).

Critique on your YT? spend money on ever-better microphones. Check some “Make Offer” deals on eBay after Xmas.

On organizing your flavs? The Office Supply store sells tiny round dot stickers that actually fit on the tops of flav bottles. You get like 800 different color sticky dot for $5. With a finepoint Sharpie pen I put a letter/number on top …sort alphabetically (and one Vendor=one color) and track that ID some way that works for you like ELRs Private Notes in your stash. Then just stand em all upright in their current box so you can see the dots. Easy.


Thanks for the info man. I highly appreciate your opinion.


So I have got avape mail due Wednesday with the biggest bottle of Strawberry ripe TPA that was available, hopefully I get the original recipe…fingers crossed! Lol