Simple Strawberry for newb. Tips for first batch?

I was doing some looking around because I thought what was in that juice enter the dragon…it wasn’t kiwi I always thought it was back then but I am so surprised to see it is peach as I don’t like peach generally but I love SB and DF here’s a quote from an interview from the creator of the juice. Sorry if you’ve stumble upon this before.

The Enter the Dragon flavor is a strawberry with undertones of peach—but a white peach, not a yellow one. The white has a bit more tang to it.

Nice, yea, to me it’s like candy simple can’t get enough. If I get any, it’s gone in a day or two flat. I have that V3 clone recipe. Going to start with 10ml bottles and change as needed. Good catch on the white peach.

If I can get something close, I’d be pretty happy. I have one tank left of enter the dragon, that I’m saving for the weekend after I power steep them to compare.

Hoping the strawberry turns out. I’m pretty easy to please. If it ends up good I’m going to mix up 5ish 100ml bottles, should get me thru a month :). Then I can spend a few weekend nights working on some others.

Pretty easy all in all, the hardest part for me will be making myself like other flavors. I’ll make some creamy fruity samples and see where it goes from there. Stuff like the cereals, and such, I don’t mind a puff here and there, but would never fill a tank with it. Just my taste opinion, everyone’s different.


I have a recipe I like and it sounds like a good jumping off point since the SB is right out front and the DF in the background.

Sweet dragon

Ingredient %
Dragonfruit (TPA) 1
Natural Strawberry (LAN) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 10%

Remember to rate it at!

Now that we know it’s a white peach I will make v2 and play around with the %s to see whats good. I know peach is uber strong and overwhelms easily so I plan to start low. I still can not get over there was no kiwi in that juice that was a major flavor I felt was in there to me.

I have the tfa juicy peach. Happen to know where I could find a white peach?

I always thought it was a slight creamy, so… My taste is off. I blame the 12yrs of marb reds (quit exactly 3 years ago yesterday, still dream about the damn things).

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FA has a white peach that is really good.

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FA’s white peach is what I used. Available most places but ECX, BCV both come to mind…also we have discount codes for both places…

here is my WIP it’s private so the link won’t work view only mode until I test it in a few more days.

Sweet dragon II

Ingredient %
Dragonfruit (TPA) 1
Kiwi (FA) 0.25
Natural Strawberry (LAN) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 5
White Peach (FA) 1

Flavor total: 13.25%

Remember to rate it at!

Having a good standby juice is essential for when you inevitably have a run of “what the hell was I thinking” mixing experiences. :slight_smile:

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Tried a little of the mix tonight. Its not great but its not horrible either. honestly id give it a 5/10.
You can taste it more about 6 seconds into the draw. Not the blast of flavor im used to.
i used the 4% ripe strawberry, and 7% strawberry.
It feels like it could use more flavor. But im going to resist and let it sit another 4 or 5 days.

In the meantime, i am debating making a 10ml mix of the same recipe with a bit more flavor.

All in all, im pretty happy with the first go at it. Many thanks to the pool of information elr has. I dont have the patience to watch more than ten seconds of vaping videos on you tube, infact most make me cringe. So, thanks again everyone, i appreciate you all sharing your knowledge.

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Day later I’d rank it at. 6.5/10. Not bad but not great. Still very pleased with the first go around.

I made some enter the dragon clone with juicy peach as listed on the v3 clone recipe. I opened a new coil and primed it with that just to check. After ten minutes of mixing and five of shaking, it actually tasted pretty good. 0 hr mix taste, 7 out of 10. I’m actually kind of impressed.

Both are shelved still, and will let sit another few days.

  • edit, my scale sucks. I ended up making the last half with ml measurements. I have the recommended scale coming from Amazon. Should have known better than to think a 8yr old kitchen scale that’d been tossed around would suffice.

@dieboy You may have figured this out already. Open your recipe in your ejuice calculator and Save As a new name that is meaningful like Strawberry V2 10ml. Now you have two recipes exactly the same. Edit the new recipe by changing the target volume to 10ml (from 30) and hit “calculate” to change the same flavor percentages to the new smaller ml (hey your making a 10ml not a 30 ml so the new flavor ml should obviously reflect being lowered by 3x.

Make a note that the strawberry was still weak after 3 days. Look at the mg or drops for your 7% …make a note. Up the percentage to say 9% (or 8%?) and hit calculate. You might be able to just use the drops, but unless you have taken a 1ml syringe and counted how many drops is actually 1ml this could be risky.

Pull the plunger all the way out of a 1ml syringe and count drops to fill to 1ml mark (google “reading a meniscus”, but I know you know). From my small 10ml TPA flavoring I get closer to 44 drops/ml …but even room temperature etc can affect actual drops per ml (viscosity!). See why you want a mg scale!?

The default values in many calculators is 20 drops/ml (!?) which may be more accurate for say the larger Capellas bottles (larger tips!), and if you have been doing the drops thing with tiny tipped 10 ml bottles, having your “drops/ml” set at 20 could be the problem.

Inaccuracy is compounded with smaller batches (10 ml) … I mean you can’t do 8 1/2 drops so the Calc is averaging (round up/down) the drops count. Only boost the Strawberry not the SB Ripe …that’s probably right on the money, plus just doing one flavor at a time is a better test protocol.

Make be shake n vape testable Strawberry Ripe needs time to calm down but reg Strawberry is more forgiving …still give it a couple-3 days for the official judging

Sooo close eh?

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Yes, was actually pretty close.

I’ve did allot of reading here before I ordered anything, then more reading…
There is a wealth of info on this site, and so glad I found it.

BoDarc, I’ll try that tomorrow night, most likely. I appreciate the input.

Looking forward to having a scale back :slight_smile:.

Ok so I’m moving… I had a bunch of these little test 10 mls myself. Several week ago someone was coming over and I just swept them all into a drawer (needle tip dripper bottles). Since all my stuff is packed up, I have been unable to DIY, and I re-discovered my little stash of UNLABELED tests in packing …they were sooo organized in a little row (3 weeks ago) …in the drawer not so much.

As my supply dwindled I started to vape these and some were SO GOOD …and I don’t know what they are. I mean I can guess pretty well by the flavor …[cough] but a simple label (from the start) would have been a better idea. Procrastination=lab fails [facepalm] heh so last advice label label label …maybe even before filling.

Bo"don’t be like me"Darc


One step ahead there. I have a label maker, label each with name/nic/date. Work in IT, so everything needs to be in order and labeled. We have 205k pcs and 62k printers so most of my team is a bit ocd. :slight_smile: I’ve been keeping my notes on paper then transferring to a spreadsheet.