Simple Strawberry for newb. Tips for first batch?

After spending upwards of 20$ weekly or so for quite a while, on a Strawberry ejuice, max VG/3ml nic/50% flavor boost. I decided to cut costs back, and figure this out, and make some of my own.

I currently have:
24gram nic
TFA Strawberry
TFA Ripe Strawberry
TFA Dragon Fruit
TFA Sweetener
TFA Juicy Peach

I’d like to concentrate on a plain strawberry to start off with. Can anyone post a plain strawberry recipe that they enjoy? Max VG at this point. I have also read that with max VG, flavor percentages should be on the high side. I assume that is correct?

This is what I’m going to try tonight:

Strawberry 50ML :

10% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
20% Strawberry - TFA

Anyone have any changes/tips I need before I start my mixing tonight?

*I will make the recipe private again after about a week.
*I have PG on order from mfs website, but a smaller bottle to experiment with.

Thanks everyone!

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Here is a thread on SB it isn’t all about the flavoring being a stand alone just a collection of really good SB vapes !

and here is another one Best Strawberry Flavor for Strawberry n cream?

I would most likely go with SB ripe lower than SB TFA

TFA SB Ripe 5%
TFA SB (reg ) 10% ( because I know it’s weaker )

*** A golden rule trick it to use Sweet SB by Capella’s with Ripe SB by TFA *** this is a realistic and sweet SB it is up to you but I like the ripe higher than the sweet***

( ex )
SSB Cap’s 4%
SB Ripe TFA 5%


I did see that thread, and noticed one recipe I may like to try but will have to order a few more flavors next week.

At the moment, I’m not real interested in strawberrys “& whatever else”. Just plain strawberry. Looking for tips on the recipe I posted, and any noticeable feedback on it from seasoned mixologists. Also if it was true that max VG mixes need a bit higher percent flavor.


I agree I mix Max vg so you may be just fine with your current recipe. I haven’t done 2 flavor recipes in quite a while. However if you do start to look for great SB’s from other vendors here is a list of awesome no fail SBs

SB Shisha
SB ( reg)

Sweet SB

LorAnn’s Natural Line

Real Flavors ( AKA @ ECX Northwest flavors )

Medicine Flower ( AKA @ECX Lotus Flavors)

SB red touch !

Also TFA’s Organic SB is good too !

Yea, I decided to start well, small and simple. I’m going to cut the recipe I posted down to probably 20-30ml also.

After I get something I can make readily, and can be sure of the results, i’ll start venturing out more. Then my efforts will focus on making a decent clone of Gemini’s Enter the Dragon. There is one clone recipe out there for it, i’m just trying to get close, not perfect. So I will try that in small batches once I have a good go - to strawberry recipe. Aka, I need a steady supply of decent juice, before I start off the beaten path so to say.

Thanks for the looking at it, and verifying that the higher percent flavors were legit for max vg.


I always tell everyone who is unsure of a batch to make a test batch…it saves a ton of supplies if a smallish batch to you is 20-30 mls then you’d prob laugh at me considering you to make a 10 ml batch.

Simple and sweet is always best when starting. I just don’t do a one profile juice never really did. I hope you nail down what your after thou ! I have had that juice last summer it has a fair amount of kiwi in it and judging by the coloring I am curious if they used LA’s SB Kiwi in it…I vaped it and thought it was pretty good. I liked the subtle Dragon fruit at least I feel that’s what that was.

Looks like LA took out the food coloring for that flavor thankfully ! It was the exact same color as the e juice

Naw wouldn’t laugh at all, makes sense, i may even drop it to a 10ml and crock pot steep it for an hour, just so i can get some idea on how it will taste.

Funny, i had to tell my usual vendor to stop sending me free samples :stuck_out_tongue: I only vape strawberry, and have never ordered another flavor from them. I just don’t venture beyond what I really like. Call me simple or call me set in my ways :P. Like I said, I may venture out in the future, but for now, as a newb just starting out, i’d rather just work on getting a good strawberry right, as that’s what I use the most of.

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Here’s simple quick advice which applies to any process. Like salting your food, if it’s not salty enough you sprinkle more and taste… and everybody has a different preference. If a recipe you made was too weak you can always add more flavor (Add notes to your recipe calculator or written notes!)

Which leads to… fixing bad batches. Let’s say you over flavored a batch (30% flavor is high!) …sometimes it faster and cheaper to start over. The worst mistake you can make is coming up with a miraculous batch you cannot reproduce. Materials here are very cheap so 30 mls of a bad batch is only a .50 loss of $. No need to pour anything down the drain. With more understanding you could use that over-flavored (and now steeped?) juice as a flavor base for a couple bottles.

This is labwork, take notes and develop your mixing accuracy … the ability to repeat your success is key! This is a great resource @ ELR Welcome and best of luck


That’s prob one of the smartest things I’ve heard ! Don’t fix what ain’t broken ! Yep I warm SB bc most have eithyl alcohol in them and then I give it some air / cap off time usually for me around 4 hours. Lots of shaking as well. I love SB as well. I like the thought of the one SB recipe on that SB love thread where it uses 4 different SBs in the mix my only apprehension is the INW’s SB wild is just too green for me…not authentic enough and kinda a waste in case you do venture into another vendor Yes to SB shisha and reg SB by INW no to the wild unless you really want a strange grassy green SB :smile:

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Good tips, I’ll drop the flavor percents a bit, and see what it tastes like, then add more if needed. The reason I was higher on the flavor percents is I had read a couple times that max VG requires more flavor.

Notes … i am very OCD when it comes to that. In addition to a old fashioned pen and notebook, i am planning on using the heck out of this site (most useful one I have stumbled across so far).

I appreciate every ones input on this, makes me less apprehensive about the first batch tonight :slight_smile: .

It is exciting! Let us know your hardware too because it makes a difference if you’re using a 600Mah eGo clearomizer or a 200W Cloud-mod. Lower powered devices use higher Nic% juice because they deliver less vapor …same would be true for flavor % …but its more like going from 6% to 8%


Kanger Sub Box. .5 ohm coils at about 20-25 watts. They work for me, i’m not cloud chasing, i just need something satisfying and something that “just works” so to say. Essentially an analog for a cig. I have friends that are into the mods, but that just does not interest me much.

I used to play with chemistry sets when I was a kid, and kind of get a kick out of it, so i am looking forward to making my own ejuice.

I’m glad no one has found anything glaringly wrong with my proposed recipe. I can make the flavor percent changes no problem, and the more I think about it, BoDarcs right on saying treat it like salt … start low and add to taste.

Another part of the reason I was banking on higher flavor percentage, is I order my juice from the vendor with an advertised “50%” boost. I just assumed that when they did their calculations, they used 50% flavor. Now that I ponder it more, maybe its a 50% boost of 10ml of flavor itself not the entire 100ml of liquid, which would be essential 15%, not 50%.

Side note … I can’t believe the ejuice mark ups for ready made stuff. Its insane … When I look at what I got, for about 100 bucks, I would have only been able to order 5 100ml bottles of premade ejuice from my vendor. Now I’ll have enough juice to last me over half a year.

Just as a side note, I would rename your “Strawberry - TFA” to “Strawberry (TPA)” in your flavor stash / recipe.

Even though they are the same thing the naming convention really helps if you get it right.
For example:
Strawberry - TFA only has 195 recipes associated with it.
Strawberry (TPA) has 30,521 recipes associated with it.

If you name your flavors according to the correct naming conventions, when you do a “Search by Flavor Stash” or “What can I Make?” search it will pull up a lot more results as you can see above.


Thanks, when I enter names, there seems to be allot of variation on the same flavor even though it’s the same product, I do try and choose the “name” that has the most recipes associated, but sometimes I pick the wrong one :slight_smile: .

I keep looking for suggestions on the reg Strawberry “concentrate”, could you please advise?

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Realistic slightly sweet SB very good easily tolerates 2.5-3% w/ no problem !

one of my favs

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I dont know what happened, but that wasnt the Strawberry id added to my stash…so big thanks, Amy2

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INW has so many similarly named concentrates I too have to be careful when I’m writing the recipe that I too use the correct flavor that and the ppl who put in flavor concentrates w/o checking for duplicates grows daily :wink:

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First 30ml is done. I updated the recipe.
7% strawberry
4% ripe strawberry.

I went ahead and did 30ml, I have a few 60ml bottle if it’s to strong with some more vg.

It went well. I used 5ml pipettes and a 30ml glass jar.

Measured it out in grams vs ml.

Shook for about 10 minutes on and off.

It’s now resting, it’s late (for me), I’ll dig out the small crock pot and power steep it for an hour or two tomorrow.

Things I learned.

  1. Always weigh the bottle first.
  2. Nic is thick when chilled. Same with vg.
  3. I like pipettes.

Thanks everyone, I’ll post how it tastes tomorrow, then let it sit a week.