Single coil RDA (recommendations)

I’m looking for a single coil RDA if such a thing exists or a way to run any RDA in single coil mode.

Thanks in advance

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You may take a look Narda / hobo v3.1

They also have clone with petty good quality.

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Thanks ken I’ll check those out :grinning:

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I’ve been thinking about getting a goon. They now have a 22mm version.


Yeah the Goon in both 22 and 24 mm looks really sweet. Another one is the Dotmod Petri V2.

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Could check out The Stumpy and Snapdragon RDA’s.

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I know this is an old ass thread but I recently bought the GOVAD RDA by Vandy Vapes and it’s amazing and SO friggin easy to build on. Best RDA I’ve ever used!


They come with a new rda it seems everyday its hard to keep with it all …

I bought a bunch of wismec theorums cuz they was on sale an 7 bucks for an rda why not…

This ones pretty small but gives an open top air flow cool hit . the clouds are very nice for such a little rda .

Hardly leaked and the juice feeds from the bottom and gives great flavor.

Might you be talking about Wismec Theorem RDTA Atomizer, if not, could you post the web site?

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Likewise! This is my go to single coil rda. I know that this is a zombie thread, but someone may come looking eventually! Lol

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