Single Coil vs Dual Coil RDA - Thoughts?

So I’ve got into RDA’s now, and I’m not one for building my own coils, so have got a bunch of prebuilt SS Claptons in various configurations, and currently using the Dead Rabbit 24. Great vape, but I can’t help but feel like I could be getting more flavour, and my mod gets very warm after moderate use.

My issue is on a dual-coil build with the pre-builts, I’m naturally Ohming at between 0.12 and 0.16, with the wattage at around 85-90 - anything higher is just too warm for me. I’ve tried adding an extra wrap to up the resistance, but the difference was negligible.

It’s all about flavour for me, and I tend to find 55-70w is more of a sweet spot for me. So I’m wondering whether I might be better going down the single coil route, and aiming for 0.3 - 0.4 ohm range?

Anyone else gone down the single coil route, and has it made a difference to the quality of your vape? I thought about trying a single coil build in the DR, but I’ve read mixed things about that as it’s not really designed for that purpose (I know there’s a 22 single-coil version but unsure whether it’s worth it).

Reckon it’s worth spending more $ on a dedicated single-coil RDA?



To me, it sounds like your trying to heat up more wire than you need to. Id try a couple of smaller coils that will operate well using your preferred power range. By smaller I mean less mass, not necessarily higher ohm. I reckon if its built to take two coils, installing one would hinder it’s performance but it might be worth a try. I’m no expert by any means but I’ve played a bit. BTW its well worth washing your coils before you do the initial dry burn It makes the coils happy :smile:

Edit - I mostly use one coil but my attys facilitate it. Also, you can never have enough vape toys :wink:


Thanks for the advice - I’ll try smaller coils and see what that does. I did notice the DR has the option to close off the airflow on one side, so maybe that’s with a single build in mind.

I’m always chasing that extra bit of performance lol - it’s never-ending!

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Are you using a mech?

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It is never ending at least for me so far. It’s all about matching the build to the atty and mod. Not something I could possibly try to write in a post. In some situations an exotic coil will do best. In others a simple wire coil shines. If you stay with it, you will get the hang of it with experience.


Thanks guys - I’m using reg mods (Geekvape GBOX and the Aegis depending on the situation) - not confident enough to try mechs yet, although that might be my next stop.

I always had it in my head that 0.2 and under was mainly for cloud chasing at high wattage - like I’m wasting an opportunity to get max flavour by vaping 0.12 at 80/90 watts - but it sounds like it’s more complex than that!

I’m really happy with my set up as it is, since I’ve only just made the switch to dripping from RBTA’s, but as I chain-vape a fair bit I thought battery drain and heat build up would be reduced with a higher ohm/lower wattage combo while keeping or increasing flavour. Never really thought about matching the right build to the equipment though.

Complicated business this, so I appreciate the responses.

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Coil ohms don’t tell you where to run your wattage on a regulated mod, have you tried your current setup in the wattage range you prefer?


Here is a screen shot from Steam Engine coil calculator. Notice the three highlighted indices. Resistance will dictate how much power is provided to the coil at any given power setting. Heat Flux and Heat capacity will dictate how much heat is produced and how fast it is produced. These are all good indices to watch. From there it’s all about surface area and pooling area with more exotic builds. Some of the factors will work together and some will counter act.


Given a voltage technically.
On a regulated mod, the voltage will be boosted/regulated down to match the target power within reason. I actually don’t know what the max allowable voltage output is on any of my mods. Too low and it will tax the converter compoenet and eventually be unable to deliver sufficient intensity. Too high and the capacitors on the backend will fail.

The theory should be minimise mass/heat capacity, build to get the wattage you want without having an out of control heat flux (which will mean too hot a coil) while having reasonable voltage.
heat flux x effective area is pretty much the wattage, and will influence the temperature/density of the vapour for a given air flow/equipment geometry.
Supposedly you want to keep the heat flux in a reasonable range to avoid super hot coils.

In practice there seems to be some art to the theory to get something satisfying and I should not talk too much considering how my theoretically great ribbon coil are performing.
Hopefully the new Serpent SMM I received today will help with this.


Awesome thanks to you all. Must admit trying it again at 60w maybe I was imagining things thinking it was better with a higher ohm build using my old coils.

I’ve recently changed coils to the coilology pre-mades, and there must be an element of convincing myself things are different at play here. Things do seem to be getting mighty hot though.

Will have a play around and hopefully, I’ll find the sweet spot.

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I could see chain vaping with the Dead Rabbit being an issue as far as making your mod warm. The barrel is thin metal, not sure just what kind, but it can get hot quick and transfer the heat to your mod quickly. Maybe try a beefer RDA and see if that cuts down on the heat transfer.


It get’s deeper than that but given the scope from the OP I think anything further would be academic. I did a work up on a Cylon this weekend and found that with LG HG2 batteries the max it could produce at .14Ω was 122W. Feed it a couple of VTC5A’s and it pushed right up to 176W. No signs of stress from the traced created by the scope, except a diminished output.


As far as the flavor, try adjusting your coils. The Rabbit does give good flavor if the coils are placed correctly. Just takes some adjusting.


I have both and use both, any of them have a time and place but I do tend to grab my single coil RTA and rda more often lately.

Wasp nano on my gbox sometimes I swap it for the peerless
Another wasp nano and drop on my regular non squonk mods, kylin mini when I don’t want to use RDA or kensei Rta if I want dual. Everything else I pretty much retired for now and boxed up.

All of these give me great flavor but I don’t feel like vaping 60-100 watts all the time, hence the single coils at around 35-45 watts or 345-385 F in tc.


I had a tough time with the same issues you are facing. I also recently started using the Coilology prebuilt coils, but mine are the Ni80. With the Dead Rabbit 24 I have found my best vape with a single coil large mass coil. The way the build deck is it can do single coil very well. Some will say the air flow isn’t designed for it, but it works well for me. I found dual coil builds just made the RDA and mod run too hot even with simple round wire builds. I also have the Dead Rabbit SQ 22mm, but I really enjoy the 24 much better.


Lol. All these comments of trying to get stuff working in the dead rabbit…makes me want to keep rocking my goons. Ss316l 24g 9wrap 3mm ohm 0.21-0.23 (dual coil). 74-79watts all day.

But yeah, I do use a Clapton wire in my single coil entheon.


I’ve not had problems getting it working or good flavor. My issues were heat dissipation related. Finding the optimal builds are something I think we all go through with each new RDA we try.


Since it’s easy to do a single coil configuration in DR couldn’t hurt to try one and shut down the airflow a bit to compensate.


The DR 24 is OK with flavor … but it isn’t the best flavor chaser. I still prefer my Goon. Not just for flavor but also because it allows me more variety in builds.

I still want to pick up an Oumier Wasp for flavor testing though. Good cheap rda with lots of flavor. The only downside probably is the small juice well, but if you squonk that probably isn’t even an issue.

I’m not sure if the question single/dual coil can easiliy be answered if you want flavor. There are RDAs in both categories that produce great flavor. There are more factors that play a role.

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I don’t read it that way at all.
I see it as the OP having a preconceived set of ideas as to what’s “expected” as the norm, and learning that in reality (through some very kind, and very accurate responses, IMO) that is more about the fact that the OP is in actuality, learning to find his “sweet spot”.

The dead rabbit isn’t the fault. It just happens to be the platform being experimented on. :wink: