Single flavor vaping

I was just curious as if any/many of those on the forum vape many single flavor juices or are the majority of your juices a mixture of a half dozen or so flavorings? Originally I had thought about making a poll, if the majority of what is vaped was store bought or if it was self-made, then thought about expanding it to how many flavoring ingredients are used in what you like to vape.
I think what I wanted to talk about broke down about that time knowing a simple poll wouldn’t work. But let me start with what I have going…
At one time (many moons ago) I tried mixing juices, but not having any real knowledge I failed miserably, also at that same time, just attempting to locate flavorings for the do-it-yourselfer were about nonexistent, I’m sure some of them were around but you had to know what you were looking for at that time (at least that is how I think it was lol), I’m talking 6 or 7 years ago here. Like I said, I’m sure there are many (on this forum and elsewhere) that probably have been making their own juices for years prior to that time, but for many of us, while we knew it could be done, just couldn’t get it right. But I digress.
I had at one time found and settled on a specific juice I found pleasing and later another, neither of which are even in business these days, but since mixing my own found that I normally mix juices that have 5 or 6 ingredients or more, switching often from one juice to another 4 or 5 different mixes a day and have been thinking about starting “from scratch” and start using some single flavored juice, I was just wondering if others tend to vape singles and if so what are a few of the stand alone flavors they have enjoyed? I see a lot (okay most) flavors list a “stand alone percentage”, but is that a reference to what is being vaped or is that just a percentage of where that flavor starts to be predominate if was a stand alone flavor, i.e. Meringue - Flavour Art has people saying a single flavor percentage of about 3.3% but I doubt anyone is just vaping it as a stand alone juice… maybe I’m wrong.


There is much advice about vaping single flavors as part of the learning curve or troubleshooting a problem with a end result …or oxidized nic, but when I’m browsing my stash and hit the “What can I make” I check the box to eliminate single flavor mixes. I believe them to be tests, but that’s probably not always true. I’d like to hear of any winning single flavor mixes from the Brain Trust here. I mean the flavor would have to a real star to be vapable alone …Cheesecake with Graham Crust? What say ye peeps?

Strawberry Ripe is my favorite, I do add super sweet one drop per 10 mls.
A few more,
Brown sugar
Jack fruit with a touch of sweet.
Fruit circles
Vanilla Custard

Occasionally pickle sir ha touch of brown sugar.


I’m really not one for single flavor vaping, but when I tested Yellow Mango and Blue Raspberry by EuroFlavors… they were very hard to put down. I do mix and vape these two as standalones.


TPA Peppermint at 3% makes a great stand-alone Altoid type flavor, IMO. It’s about the only single-flavor mix I’ve made more than once and not just as a learning-the-flavor mix.


I never even thought about a single flavor mix until recently after trying some of the Real Flavors offerings. I have relied on others notes and reviews.A big thank you to those that add them in the database!
Now we are starting to get new flavorings, many have not been on the market long enough to have notes or a recipe to help create.So I am mixing up some singles and some are very good , some are better than many premium mixes that I have bought in the past.
A list of some single flavors I enjoy.
Nonna’s Cake (FA) 3%
Cinnamon Crunch (FLV) 5%
Cinnamon Custard (RF) 12%
Bread Pudding (RF) 12%


I am going through my stash (and new flavors as they come in) and making singles of everything just to get a feel for them all by themselves—strength, flavor profile, etc. I have a bunch of RF, LB, and Flavorah flavors left to go through before I start on all my old stuff. So far, some of the ones that have stood out as being something I could vape stand alone:

Caramel (Flavorah)
Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah)
Coconut Milk (LB)
Cocopilada (Inawera)
Creme de Menthe (Flavorah)
Lemonade (Flavorah)
Sparkling Wine (Inawera)
Strawberry Milkshake (Real Flavors)


I’m a tobacco freak, (no, really!) :grinning: and I love vaping single flavour tobacco’s. Once I know the notes of the single flavour, I also get a pretty good idea about which other flavours will go well with the tobacco flavour. Most tobacco’s have so many nuances to them that it is a shame not to try them as a standalone first. I know the majority of people here avoid tobacco’s like the plague, so my opinion may not be too valuable in that respect, but I thought I would give y’all my 2 cents anyway. :wink:


The only time I vape stand alone flavors is when I get a new flavor or the same flavor by a different company. I use it to test the concentration of flavor, and compare to what I already use. My average is about 4 to 7 flavors in a recipe my biggest is 12 I think. I have about 25 recipes that I make, all of but 3 of them my own creation. Some I haven’t made in a while and may end up in my retired recipes file, there are only 3 retired so far. It’s not that they were bad I just wasn’t as crazy about them as I thought I would be. I’ve discovered that recipes with chocolate in them don’t really interest me like I thought they would. I stick to fruits, creamy fruits, drunken fruits, bakery, fruit bakery, and drunken fruit bakery flavors. A lot of my recipes have bourbon or rum flavor in them and lately I’ve been playing with champagne flavor.

I am on the lifetime quest for the perfect lime flavor which so far has eluded me.

When wifey and I first started vaping we vaped a few tobacco flavors but just seemed to lose interest in them for the thousands of yummy fruit and dessert flavors out there. I made a feeble attempt at finding a good coffee vape and tried about 25 different ones. The best of them lasted about half a tank before starting to taste like 3 day old burnt weak cheap coffee. I just gave up, which is really sad cause I really love my coffee. I walk from the bed in the morning to the pot of coffee that is already brewed pour half a cup put an ice cube in it stir and drink. then my day begins.


Hi @JoJo I’m sorta new here but not new to vaping, I got a favor to ask of you. When you taste your Flavorah Lemonade can you let me know how realistic it tastes, and how tart it is. I’m toying with a lemon meringue cheese cake recipe and it just lacks that little tart hit you get with good lemonade.

Also if you like the sparkling wine flavor and want some recipes I have a couple Bellini recipes I wrote for champagne and one in the works for apricot/orange mimosa.


Totally agree with this. Peppermint works well as a single flavor.

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I went that route but I very soon lost interest in the fruits and deserts and gravitated back to the tobacco’s. They just scratch my itch a lot better. I sometimes vape something without tobacco, but usually adapt fruit and bakery juices with a tobacco flavour that suits the juice. Btw, tobacco and coffee flavours blend well together, although I must admit that coffee is not an easy flavour to get right :grinning:


I’m active on another forum as well as this one and have had people send me coffee vapes saying try this one its the best. I finally started just telling them no thanks so I don’t have to hurt their feelings when I tell them it’s not them it’s me, and to me it tastes like GAAAAK after a few vapes. lol

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It would be a very boring world if everybody liked the same things. Diversity makes life interesting and I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. :wink:

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Personally I don’t like and in someways can stand single flavor mixes. To be honest I have only done one…moonson FA. It was ok, but was sad because it didn’t have the hidden little gems of flavor.

Continuing on. I do believe in 2-4 flavor mixes. My favorite starting place for fruits from FA and the like is…
Fruit FA (pick your fruit and flavor company)
Fresh cream FA
Marshmallow FA
And some times I’ll play with Vienna cream FA

I firmly believe (for myself Atleast) you need a dance floor for the flavor to stand on. The floor doesn’t have to be very big. The above mentioned of creams added to fruit…the total cream value sits between 0.5 and 1.5% to start.


I’m 100% with you, on this. I have a somewhat convoluted mixing style. I always make 30 ml, single flavor tobacco mixes. There are 14, 30 ml bottles, all single flavor, in a rack. Of those 14, I consider 6 or 7 of them as my base tobacco mixes, that are excellent as single flavors. The rest are what I consider complimentary tobacco flavors. The complimentary tobacco flavors may have too bold, or potent of a profile, to fit my tastes, as stand alones, but when added in smaller quantities to one of the base tobaccos, they shine.

I also have a dozen or so flavors that are either TA’s, DNB, or sweeteners. that I add in even smaller quantites, to give a tobacco mix a little personality twist. Those are also mixed as single flavors, in 15 ml bottles.

So, in this convoluted style, all my flavors are mixed as stand alone, single flavors. When it’s time to fill the tank, I put the tank on the scale, zero it out, and just look over all the single flavor mixes I have available before me. I just go with what sounds good at the moment.

Detailed notes? Uhhh…not so much. Since everything is 3 - 5% flavor strength, mixed in the same 60/40 VG/PG ratio, at the same .4 nic. As an example, my notes will look like…

Hangsen Highway - 2 g
Hangsen No 5 - 2 g
Gold Ducat - 1 g
(Btw that’s a dynamite combo, for you tobacco fans)


Desert Ship - 4 g
Arabic - 1g

I have no problem grabbing any of my 6 or 7 base tobaccos and running with it. In fact, I have a Nautilus Mini always on my desk, that is always loaded with just a single flavor base tobacco. No matter what other mix I have in the other rig, I like having that Mini there, to vape for a little bit, with a single flavor. It kinda resets my tobacco taste buds.

We tobacco freaks are a weird bunch…


I’m down with all of the above!


The lemonade is spot on, IMO. Not super tart, but definitely has a bit of that zing. Could probably add some sour or some cranberry to boost it if you want more.

I love the sparkling wine. I do a berry mix with it that I really enjoy. Are your recipes public?

Inaweras Frost is a great standalone @ 2%.
Great Spearmint with a cool menthol natural mint taste.
You can add a touch of sweetener if you wish?
Also Inaweras Lemon cake @ 5% is a great standalone lemon drizzle cake flavour.
Last but by no means least is my favourite flavour out there, Inaweras Cactus @2.5% is just heaven to me!
Just noticed that my standalone choices are all Inawera? LOL but they do have some great flavours!