Single flavor vaping

OK I bit the bullet and ordered the Watermelon from ECX.


I have a few single flavors I like and usually have at least one of these on hand at all times.

MF - Watermelon
MF - Cantaloupe
MF - Honeydew
MF - Butterscotch
MF - Red Apple
FA - Oba Oba
FA - Hypnotic Myst
FW - Reindeer Poop (not had this in a while, but it’s lovely)

I’m sure there are others I would like, but I also love the creative process so mixing recipes is my thang.

Not sure what your equipment is…but you are gonna love this stuff mixed and steeped correctly…I am happy for you…It is a very special vape…Got 18ml of the MF Watermelon and Honeydew steeping now…2 more weeks… :slight_smile:

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Oh how I hate steeping! (Very inpatient)
I’m running a Sigelei 150TC with a Herakles tank and love the flavor out of it and I also have a Sapor RDA which I use for testing my mixes.

Is it clear or colored?

Get you a few SNV (Shake N Vape) recipes you like to get you through steeping. The time spent is well worth it. There are some really good recipes in this thread to get you started.


They are pretty clear, and don’t change a whole lot …the Watermelon, and Honeydew, that is…Don’t know about all of their flavors…Your patience may be tested with that MF Watermelon…in many peoples’ experience here on this forum, myself included, 3 weeks minimum…and with no heat treatment of any kind…I ran an experiment with it at 2 weeks and still…another week (3rd) made a difference…I would hate to see you shortchange yourself with this stuff…and I store my flavor concentrates in the refrigerator…

There are a couple of threads on this site dedicated to MF aka Lotus flavors which you may find helpful…ProVapes, Ken_O_Where, SthrnMixer, Alisa, Amy2, all have a lot of great input based on their experiences with this stuff…Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks brother I will try my best to not touch it for that long but I will definitely test it right after mixing so I get a feel for it at that time.

What are these flavors pictured here??

Approximately 8x stronger than extracts
All natural flavoring
No artificial additives
No added sweeteners
No artificial coloring
Water Soluble
Food Grade Flavorings Meet “GRAS” Standards
Made in USA
Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl Not Used

Servings and Sizes
8 Drops = 1 Serving and will flavor 8oz/1cup of liquid
(Compared to 1 or 2 drops of the higher concentration)

10ml bottle = 350 Drops / 44 Servings
14 cents per serving (most flavors)

30ml / 1 oz bottle = 1,050 Drops / 132 Servings
8 cents per serving (most flavors)

1 Pint = 2,070 servings
3-4 cents per serving (most flavors)

Flavor your water, coffee, tea, dairy, candy, and baking goods
Use 1 drop per ounce of your liquid (8 drops per cup). Adjust more or less to achieve your desired taste
Pure, crisp natural flavoring
Cost effective

Have you made juice with them yet?

I did a few testers, which produced good flavor… but they were weak IMO. I tested them at 10%, but they should’ve been 12-15%. At $5.99 for 10mls I didn’t see the value. I was also testing 3 other flavor lines, so these took a back burner.

Gotcha…thanks for the input. I’m guessing MF is still top dog?

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They are tops for me. I just don’t do well with high usage % concentrates. My palette is so skewed that a lot of them I don’t really taste.


TPA has a clear coffee flavoring that if you use just a drop per 10ml gives you a true cup of black coffee taste. At least that’s been my experience I have only made 10ml at a time though so it might need tweaking for larger sizes. A little of the flavoring goes a long way.


FA’s Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso) and Inawera’s Coffee Kawa are also pretty good. :coffee:
Very concentrated too.


Have you tried adding a drop or two of lemon juice? I’ve been using it to boost other fruits so they don’t get lost in a cream base, or just to add a touch If zing. If you strain your own at home, it can make the finished liquid a little cloudy, but it works well. There is also citric acid to consider, but haven’t tried that yet. Just a drop per 10ml should give you that tart aspect, if all I’ve read about it is true.
There is also this, which I just saw last night putting together an order:
…which I also haven’t tried. Anyone familiar with this? Anyway, good luck on the hunt for that perfect lemonade!

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Thanks that post was like forever ago and for the record I don’t vape lemon juice.

Woah! I gotta start checking the dates on these posts! Still getting used to how the site works. That popped up in the current feed, I guess someone posted something new there, and it started me back in last year’s comments. Did you ever get that tartness you were searching for? I’d be interested to know what you came up with.

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Actually using lemon Sicily and backing off on a couple other flavors got me there but it just wasn’t s good as I had expected. I mixed a 30 ml bottle, the wife and I vaped it and agreed that is just wasn’t what we were looking for in a vape. I have since made tons of flavors that just don’t clear the gate. I’m finding that I don’t want to vape every thing I like to drink or eat.

As for getting dropped in the old comments when you enter a thread you start where you left off. If you’ve never been you get the beginning if you enter link I’m not sure what it does to you then next time in

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