Single flavour help please 😳

Hi guys me again haha I am trying to do a single flavour spearmint I have done a 8% - 12% and just done a 5 % and none of them really taste like it I can taste the spearmint in there but it just tastes so sweet my pg/vg is 40/60 using an isub tank so I should really be getting the full flavour? Or am I missing something thanks guys👍

The concentrate I am using is Capella :+1:

Oh and i was wondering what the other taste was so I tasted my vg as its is pharmacy grade for coughs (b.p glycerin) and it kind of tastes like that but on my 12% the spearmint was very strong and sickly I vaped spearmint from shops before I started diy and I love them I just want to get that flavour :flushed::+1:

I’ve never had the VG you’re using nor the flavor. However, from my experience most mints are quite strong and don’t really need much to be good. Then again one user, @sydsut, shows a preferred single flavor mix at 20%. Wow! Again, I’ve never tried it so I can’t confirm or argue about it.

Your VG should be basically flavorless. If you’re getting a taste from it apart from some mild sweetness you may want to consider finding a different source for you VG. There are many places you can get it. I only buy from Essential Depot, a gallon or two at a time. They have some good deals if you are in the US.

If I were you and had some PG around, I would try making a small test batch (if 5% tasted good, start there) and see if it’s better and not as sweet. Who knows, it could be your VG throwing everything off.

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i was trying a spearmint with tfa and tried 10% to start and wow it was terrible dropped to 5% same thing ended up dropping to 1% before i gave up. it had a dry hit with a throat bite i couldn’t handle.(tried max vg and 50/50)
my guess was you had to add something to it to make it taste right but was at a loss of what it needs…

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Side note: Spearmint from Flavour Art is really good and very concentrated - You only need like 3% to get a good single mix going :smile:

Have you tried doing a mix without flavoring, to see if the flavor is ok?


Not a lot of love for Spearmint (Cap) in the database only one person submitted a suggested single flavor percentage, and they said 20%. Normally I take such a high number with a grain of salt, but I do have at least one flavoring that absolutely needs to be around 20%

I have never used Caps Spearmint but one thing we all know is no flavor company has ALL good flavors. Capella is no exception. Maybe there is a reason there’s not a lot of love for this flavor…

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Is your complaint that the Spearmint is sweet? Capella seems to make many of their flavors more Candy Like and Sweet. If it is too sweet then I know of nothing you can do to remove sweetness. You can only go to another company’s Spearmint (that’s not sweet) either completely or mix Spearmints…

I have FW Spearmint and have loved it in the couple of recipes I’ve used it in (Mint Chocolate and Mint Tea). I’m a big fan of all things spearmint related. You might give that a shot. Also, if daath says FA spearmint is good, chances are it really is. Get it first. :wink: FA makes good stuff.