Single fruit flavor recipes

I know most of you folks like the gourmet mixes with multiple flavors (so do I!) but I was wondering if you all have some single flavor recipes with fruits you’d like to share?? This is completely for my husband. He is totally not picky about his juices being “fancy”, he just wants them to taste “good” (not like butt I guess?), and it has to be fruit. He won’t vape anything but fruit (or bubble gum). Every time he’s running low and asks for more juice I ask what he wants me to make and he just says, “I don’t care, just make it taste good.” So if you guys have single flavor fruit mixes that “taste good” :laughing: I’d love to try them out for him! I figure if he doesn’t mind simple I might as well make my life a little easier by mixing up single flavor recipes for him. Thanks in advance!


I’m always on the lookout for exceptional stand alones as well.


@VapeyMama take a look at my strawberry breeze it’s not a single flavour but it’s fruity


Single flavor no. Simple yes

Pick you FA fruit and a touch of any other fruit.
Fresh cream FA 1-1.5%
Marshmallow FA 2%
Vienna cream FA 1-2%


Kiwi double time (work in progress…and the below is from memory of my recpie and not exact…kiwi sits on top…you don’t really taste the creams…creams spread the flavor, take the bite off ect)
Kiwi double tpa 1.25 to 2%
Kiwi FA 2%
Fresh cream FA 1.25%
Marshmallow FA 2%
Vienna cream FA 1% to start.

Yeah…blah blah blah. You should age for a few days. I prefer two weeks but in a pinch 5 days.


That looks good. Have you made it without the koolada?


Bombies nana cream is a delicious fruity mix of strawberry, dragonfruit and… Erm… Banana cream! :wink:

You could also try single flavour Harvest Berry @ around 3%


No, the koolada just adds the breeze, should be fine without or swap koolada with Fuji or coconut


The thing that kind of irritates me is - most of these flavors were marketed to be standalone flavors. When I try anything by itself I don’t like it. Somehow, that’s just not fair.


I’ve found that Kiwi has to settle into those creams or it’s kind of burny. I love the taste but… dont do that one too fast.


How about two flavors? I know the poor guy’s head is always in a spin having to live with you and all your hijinx :wink: and I don’t want to confuse him but thought he might like this.


This is true. I’m quite difficult. :wink:

And that mix does sound like something he’d enjoy!


Mix this at 2% to 2.5% it’s good :+1: also can be a S&V but better after a couple days


My Mrs has a different approach, she thinks of a catchy name then want’s me to make it :confused: last one was ‘Cherry Pom pom’ (black cherry and Pomegranate cream) …actually wasn’t bad…
for ease of mixing CAP Strawberry & Cream and CAP Peaches & Cream are vapeable stand alone’s :+1: not my cup of tea but you know…I’m fussy :wink:


Lol I do that too!


I tried “Betty Clone (pinup vapors)” recently and I was hooked for 3 days straight (I usually do 2 flavors a day) probably due to all the sweetener.

Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) 10%
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 15%


i fell in love with Mango Sorbet (a flavor concentrate by HiLIQ) - it’s basically a sweet mango with cooler. you get a lovely juice with a 7-8% flavor, and for a nice variation i add pineapple 3% - the pineapple takes a day to “mix in” and i then get the “new flavor” instead of the mango AND pineapple side-by-side as i do when it’s freshly mixed. wonderful morning “wake up” vape.

what i noticed is that’s the same “concept” of the famous MegaMelon - so limitless variations changing some of the individual fruit flavors, removing one of them altogether, or increasing the % within the mix - in megamelon recipe, the 3 fruits are around 6% each - i tried 4% each, still nice and not too strong. the original has Cantaloupe, Mango and Pappaya - and i started varying that with Pineapple and Honeydew (another favorite - all these are TPA) keeping the recipe to 2 or 3 flavors each time, simple and practical. for example, for last week i kept Mango as base and used honeydew - ratios depends on what you like to stand out. start with a 7% for the “core” flavor and 3% the supporting flavor.

can add cream (or Vanilla Bean Ice cream 2%) for yet another variant. but honestly i liked how the fruit sans cream taste



I also tried the Pinup Vapors “Betty Clone” as I was intrigued by the percentages.I just wanted to actually know what it tasted like instead of passing judgement and forgetting about it.It surprised me and is pretty good but I have never tried the true Betty from Pinup Vapors.We all know how factory juices are very sweet ,This nails it.
I have since adapted it as sucralose is the one thing I try to avoid in everything within reason.
I think everyone interested in a single flavor fruit should try it at least once!:grinning:

Betty Clone (Pinup vapors)

Ingredient %
Forest Mix (Forest Fruit) (FA) 10
Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA) 15

Flavor total: 25%

Remember to rate it at!

I hear you there. I just wanted something simple and fast to try Forest Mix and get an idea of what that tasted like. I was surprised at how good this was. I have plans on trying this with various percentages of Pyure and Erythritol. OK, honestly I just want something around to satisfy my occasional craving for something sweet.


I used Pyure at .75%,that is as high as I have personally tried it so far.I see notes that say it can go up to 1.5% , next trial I am going with that and see how it compares.
At .75% it is sweet but would like to get it closer, please let me know how your turns out.

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So with this Betty clone you’re at 10% forest mix and .75% pyure? I really need to get some pyure…