Single Melon recipe

Could anyone help me with a single melon or a plain watermelon/melon recipe not too many flavours if possible :frowning:


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Medicine Flower Watermelon at 1.2%

It’s expensive but the best watermelon available IMO
They also have a wonderful Cantaloupe and Honeydew too.

All these are extracts and taste EXACTLY like fresh melons.

You can buy direct from Medicine Flower’s website or on ECX under the Lotus brand.


Do you have any menthol, koolada, extreme ice or sweetners like ethyl mytol, cotton candy, or marshmallow?

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Two of my favorite singles are Watermelon Clear from Lorann @ 8% and Wild Melons from Flavorah @3%. The Lorann’s is a bit candy-ish but not chemical or artificial. It’s more authentic than a jolly rancher but more candy than actual melon. The Flavorah is like mixed melons, no bitter of the rind but a nice crisp flavor like the white part of the flesh when it’s perfectly ripe. They go beautifully together! I also second the suggestion of Koolada/menthol for a cold sensation.

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I have read super fine reports on purilium watermelon. Natures flavors organic diacetyl free watermelon extract is supposed to be good too. Does MF watermelon hold its own in VG or does it fade out after 30 days like the blueberry?

How about good old Tiger’s Blood:
Coconut, strawberry and watermelon. Use equal parts of the fruit and 1/4 the amount of coconut. Other fruits to add: kiwi?

Right now I have a watermelon mix that is 3 different brands of watermelon together with a little cream and rice crunchies which I think doesn’t add too much taste, but does add texture. Also, most any lightly flavored cream that is not overpowering will work and make your mix well rounded. Other good additions to watermelon could be white chocolate, Gelato by TPA. I’m not sure about Bavarian Cream since I haven’t experimented with it and watermelon. Make yourself a good watermelon base, and then add a drop to try different flavors.
If you want more power to the watermelon taste, you could add a drop of raspberry, Rainbow Drops TPA or any berry/candy flavor such as Sweet & Tart Candy by TPA will enhance it if you don’t use too much to overpower it. Too much and you’ll loose your watermelon so go light with additions.
As for melons, I often add them to peach and I do love them so. I like Capella Honeydew the most among those I have tried. Cantelope FA is okay and Wild Melons by ? is weird and I do not like it at all. Oh ya/,sugar cookie would be a good one to go with melons and watermelon. Think… white or clear additions. That’s what I’m thinking.

Whoa $22.00 15 ML Holy Mary Mother of the God’s of Steam!

Mf is spendy. But worth the price. My last mix with raspberry was good, pear, a kiwi, melon, and so on are spot on fantastic.

Melon is not a flavor I normally vape. I am still testing this flavor but so far it is a very good (even to me) Melon Vape. Single flavor mix at 2% and so far it is pretty tasty.