Sinus issues

So this is going to be a strange and borderline gross topic but…so be it! I can’t believe that I am the only one that has experienced this.

Has anyone had sinus issues (Constant sniffles, blowing nose, etc) since vaping? I never really had any issues or at least enough to realize it was from vaping, until recently.

I am CONSTANTLY blowing my nose and sniffling like a cocaine addict and it’s getting rather annoying now!! It is obviously coming from my VG and outside of tasting it (eww) I know that that’s exactly what it is.

I typically exhale from my mouth and not my nose, so that isn’t the main cause and I have never had issues like this in the past?

I’m thinking it’s a great way to recycle my juices though!! :wink:

Hey Darth. I’ve never had that problem, but one of my friends did. It only happened when I used VG I bought from Walmart. Once I switched he was fine. Have you had the problem with more than one brand of VG?

Edit: If you’re curious, the VG he has no problems with is from BCV. Also, quit doing coke. You’re not fooling anyone and it’s bad for you.


But but but, I can’t stop! tweak tweak…we needs it! lol
What’s up @ffrank!?! I haven’t spoken with you in a long time! I hope things are good my man!

To answer your question, no, I have been using the same VG for ages now and I never had an issue (EssentialDepot). It isn’t a constant issue, thank God or I would have to stop vaping, it is just something I have witnessed within the last few weeks? Very annoying!

Ok where’s my 8 ball!

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I’ve been good… living the high life, you know… vaping, reclining, free health care.

Maybe your sinuses are sensitive to the weather right now and vaping irritates them enough to make it noticeable. Idk though… just thinking that because this winter I’ve had some minor sinus stuff going on.

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That’s really the only other thing I can think of? Granted it doesn’t snow down here or drop to freezing but we have had a lot of rain and cooler temps.

I’m just guessing it’s the combo of that or allergies, that get irritated by the VG…well maybe irritated isn’t the correct would but ya know

I had sinus trouble for years but not from vaping had an operation to try and sort it but since vaping i do get a bit of a runny nose but thats a god send for me because it clears my sinuses and a sinus headache is horrible so a plus for me.

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It’s all that taro…

Maybe something changed with Essential Depot’s VG? Or maybe, like you said, it’s a combination of weather and vaping. Tis the season for sniffles after all. I get awful summer and winter allergies. Try a little bottle of a different brand of VG and see if that helps?

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Funny you mention this. I had some intense sinus surgery myself about 4 years ago to try and fix some issues I was having. Unfortunately they made it worse and proper draining alone can be a bitch. I’m thinking it’s a combo of all of the above :wink:



Just before i started to vape was going to start salt water flushes on my sinuses “not nice” but vaping saves the day lol. Got a stinking cold at the moment but vaping menthol now better than any tablets :laughing:


Might seem counter-intuitive, but how’s your water intake? Vaping-related dehydration is the thing that messes me up the most.

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I have always drank MAD amounts of water, even before I started vaping. Water is my favorite drink!! Haha

I follow you though, it’s just not in my case

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Are you blowing vapor out of your nose? When I do that, it instantly condenses on my nose hairs and it starts to dribble :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds gross ;D heheh it’s not a problem for me though - I don’t exhale that much through the nose when I vape…

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I know what you mean and yeah I’ve seen that before hehe But no like I said, I typically exhale from my mouth and this isn’t from the nose exhale as you mentioned :wink:

Dude, its that time of year here.
When I first started vaping 3 1/2 years ago, when juices sucked and being made in the USA was a strong selling point, and not all juices were…id have a similar reaction, but I loved vaping and wanted to quit smoking (which also caused me constant allergy problems).
Since then juice and vapes have come a long way.
We used to blame the pg (sensitivity)…although I think it could be juice related, pg, vg, nic or even a new flavor.
OR just this time of year, and all this rain.

@DarthVapor Ever used a neti pot? I think that should be a routine for you considering your sinus history. Just my opinion though, I ain’t no doctor. But also I wonder with all the rain this winter if there may be some elevated lefel of mold or pollen down your way that’s normally much lower. Hmmm.

All the time brother! Trust me I know EVERYTHING sinuses and I have been in and out of the hospital for them since age 2! I don’t use the traditional pot, but a squeeze style bottle. It could very well be just weather related to, plus coupled with my already wack sinuses and there ya go. I was just curious if anyone else had this issue and it wasn’t due to exhaling through your nose

Thanks guys

Sometimes I exhale through my nose to really “palate” a flavor. Some flavors seem to make my nose run more than others. Not all do though. I do have some sensitivity to PG, any mix over 35% PG really bugs the crap out of my nose and throat. 30% is usually pretty safe for me though.
Sorry to hear about your sinus issues. I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis at age 13. I feel your pain. Mine haven’t bothered me so much since I removed tobacco from my life. I have had very few issues since I started vaping. For me, tobacco was a major sinus aggravation.

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I havnt had too many issues with the a runny nose. But I get some from the cold and allergies. But nothing out of the ordinary. Thankfully there is no longer any of the cigarette mucus and stuff.

It could depend on how much you vape to. I’m no power user, but the more you vape a day the higher increase of some slight sinus irritation. Also if you vape indoors or in an enclosed area.

Remember, humans were not designed to vape, smoke, or do other stuff. But we have free will and we are where we are at with our choices. For me, it’s making slightly better healthier’n’tastier choices

Have had the same problem, but like others I have always had a sinus problem but not a runny nose?
My nose is almost always runny now, not extreeme but enough to notice and annoy!
I put it down to coming off the cigarettes and my body is slowly rectifying years and years of smoking abuse?

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I personally have had sinus and allergies most of my life and I feel vaping helps keep my sinus clear. The warm to hot vapor help keep things good and clear. I have noticed my ears been stopped up lately, but I think it’s weather and allergy related. I had more issues when using sub ohm tanks than dripping. I prefer to drip. I just take allergy medicine when it bothers me most.