SkyRC battery charger/tester

Not really a review as i dont own one but this batt charger not only charges but tests many aspects of your batts. I would list what it does but i would do so poorly so i will just share the link:

Amazeballz batt charger/tester


Very nice charger, but way out of my price range.


Yeah, it is an advanced device that is would be great for those wishing to test their batts in ways that most people dont really care about. It is out of my price range as well but i may go ahead and get it as i have many reclaimed 18650’s that i use in powerbanks.

Good way to find out if they batts one buys are authentic.

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The “Break in” and “Cycle” features look like they can recover some reclaimed batts plus tell you if the process was successful or not. Old laptop battery packs (most battery higher voltage packs!) are full of 18650 cells. If you finish watching this guy you’ll see he just sorts them as they are harvested naturally. I wonder how many of them could be “Cycled” back into fully usable cells with this charger? Heat shrink sleeves are also available to re-wrap peeling edged batts

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Ive found that often it is one or two batts that fail in a pack or the control board goes and all batts work. I have reclaimed a couple hundred batts, i run a custom build and repair shop out of my home and have for years. Most older packs will have 4-6 18650 in them, the vast majority are 10A cells so they are perfect for DIY power banks or lower end LED flashlights.

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