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Small changes to sharing

I’ve made some small tweaks to the way recipes, profile pages and flavors are shared, both here on the ELR forum, and on facebook.

Profile page example:

Flavor details example:

Recipe example:

As I’ve mentioned before, the way you put images in recipe notes is by uploading them to www.imgur.com and pasting a link to the image directly, on a line by itself :slight_smile:

These boxes show up on the forum if you just paste links to the ELR-pages on a line by itself.

Facebook should act sort of the same way as the forum here.

Happy vaping!



Very nice formatting sir! :grinning:


I like it!

But I’m worried about this recipe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That should be an interesting picture! :wink:

Perhaps something innocent like this?


Somehow I am confident @JoJo will have Veto Authority
…and my next recipe will have to be Jelly Boobs :wink:


Only @daath could pull Jelly Boobs out of thin air like that! Well done sir!:grinning:


there’s nothing derogatory about cakes…
They’re just cakes…

Not in the slightest bit sexist or disrespectful to the opposite sex…right?


I wanted to be a fly on the wall around that conference table… “I have a new idea… Gummi Boobs!” “Uh no? ok ok how about Jelly Boobs?” “Better…”


You should be worrying about this one…
lets hope he doesnt read the forums!

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I’d bet my life savings that that flavour is not true…
Nor would I want to test said theory :neutral_face:

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Am I wrong, or does the imgur link have to be the first line in the Notes section, and then followed by a blank line before any additional text? I did some testing and that’s what seemed to be the case.

Not necessarily the first line - it just has to be on a line by itself. There can be multiple images, but the “sharing image” will be the first one.

Incidentally if you put a youtube link on a line by itself, a video will be embedded in your notes field for playback :slight_smile:

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OK, it seems to work, not sure why it seemed as I mentioned. I do notice that if I edit the recipe, the recipe ingredients that show up in the post doesn’t show the new values, only the original values when I first created it.

Once Facebook has fetched the information from ELR, it stays like that :confused: Not much I can do about that, unfortunately!

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I’m no master web coder, but in looking at the Open Graph specs, it seems maybe if you either change the ‘published_time’ property, or maybe add an ‘updated_time’ property it would cause a re-scrape? TBD

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