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Small Mod with Dual battery


Hey crew … I am looking for a new mod but it needs to be small … I currently have the pico dual from eleaf but i am chasing something fresh… Any comments/ideas would be awesome !!! :sunglasses::grinning:


The only thing that I have is the Wismec Noisy Cricket II. Its small, very small. It will do series or parallel or pwm. It is cheap and powerful, my edc sort of throwdown mod for when I’m out and I dont care to risk a nice mod. No display, no temp control, just a potentiometer for controlling the pwm, and a smartly designed board to protect you from yourself.


The Pioneer4you IPV 8 is small, has dual batteries and is pretty good-looking too.


As far as duel 18650 goes Im very happy with my Wismec Predator. Its a little smaller that the Smok Alien and less clunky. The build quality is superior to the Smok Alien in my opinion also. Can find them on sale for around 38 bucks.


I’ve just gotten a smoant battlestar. It’s small takes 2-18650’s and does exactly what U expect of it. Nothing too fancy, but it sure looks nice to me


Is Temp Control necessary? If not, take a look at Squid Industries Double Barrel 2.1. Utterly tiny, 150 watts max, dual battery, designed and made by veterans. I’ve been lusting after one for a few weeks now-Between the DB and a WhiteRose, Imma be broke for a while…


Sigelei (probably misspelled) 213 is small. Doesn’t do TC. Only puts out 150 something watts. In power mode it works fine. You can usually find them for under $40.


small dual batttery mod… oh well… the only ones i can think are

  1. IPv Vesta
  2. Vaporesso Revenger


the one I’d go for is this one: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10021298/6272300-authentic-sbody-vapedroid-c2d1-167w-vw-tc-apv-box

60 bucks for a DNA250 chip and a really neat form factor is a steal.

I own 3 sigelei fuchai 213s. Still one of the best ever mods look & feel-wise.

Smoant Battlestar is nice too, not to mention cheap. It stays in the house though as it can’t fit in the small coin pocket of a pair of jeans. Same goes for Minikin 2 by Asmodus.

That C2D1 for its current price should answer your question though. I have never heard anyone say something bad about this mod. Closest was: “hm that looks a bit weird… Oh wait this is feels very good in the hand.”

I’d stay away from predators, aliens and generally the Smok / Wismec brands. They make disposable products but sell them for reusable products’ prices.


+1 to @Amorphia --> Vaperesso Revenger - beautiful (build quality) & compact dual battery mod, up to 220watts and is (almost) same size as the old Joytech VTC mini


@paingawd resurrecting this old thread. Never looked into Squid before. Wrecked one of my (yes, another one) DNA mods, and looked into Squid a bit more…

Think I’m going to order up the v.3 and the Peacemaker…


I have the tac 21 (21700) and I really like it but they are not making the second batch yet. I have held off buying a few of the double barrel since it only takes 18650.


How do the 21700’s fit in that, pretty snug ?


You like your pico? Im really considering this one.

The Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Squonk Kit
Powered by single 21700
100W maximum
Squonk bottle lights up with colorful LED lights. :star_struck: Im a sucker for blinking things. :slight_smile:



I know there were some issues with the earlier release of the tac 21 with some batteries not fitting - I have a set of 30T in there atm and there is no issue - they are not tight at all


knife,err nife, rit of wraps, hehe


heard wonderful things…and wonderful is normally a word i wouldnt use unless u like blinking lights, i ll be interested to hear for how long tho