Small mods

I’m thinking about buying one small mechanical mod , any suggestions?


Of all my *650 mechs my Stingray X’s are the smallest especially using the hybrid cap. You can barely see it in my hand, it is either small or i have big hands. My favorite mech.

I’ve seen them …is it a clone ?

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I have one authentic and 4 clones, all Infinite. I dont even use the authentic, it is just more of a collectable and my only authentic mod.

That’s funny ! I’m to cheap to collect anything ! Clone it is !! I want a stealth mod for those awkward times when you just don’t want people asking questions


I love my SMPL v2 mod, but I hate recommending hybrid mods :stuck_out_tongue: It is very tiny, and looks great. But it’s a hybrid :confused: I think I’ll just listen to what everyone else is recommending! :smile:

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The smallest mod I’ve had so far was a 4Nine. Super stealth 18350 mod. However, hybrid top cap and no way to lock the firing button. If you go that route, go stainless or brass; the copper looks good, but the top cap threading can be finicky.

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I always wanted to go for the MM Nanos! They are having a killer sale right now. I’m saving my money for a VW/temp mod, but here’s a link just for grins.

I ordered a Kepler Stingray X clone for a neighbor. He used it in *350 mode, it was tiny. Nice clone, it had a crunchy button issue which i fixed with some graphite from a pencil. Ive tried using mine with a *350 batt but my hands are just too big.

Ok so hybrid ? I know nothing about them aside from battery safety .

I do too, they are just dangerous… As the screws on the bottom of RDA’s arent tight when adjusted there it is possible that they will move just enough to short despite taking every precaution. I used just a little silicone caulk to keep my screw in place.

Even using the standard cap on the Stingray X in *350 mode it is tiny.

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Hybrid mods are just mods that has a threaded hole in the top, going directly to the battery.
They’re safe enough, if you are totally sure that there is enough separation between the positive pin on your atomizer and the threading (which is negative).

I had a Plume Veil that worked well with my SMPL, until the center post came lose, and every time I screwed the atty on the SMPL, the positive pin would be pushed a little but further up, until the threading and the pin both touched the battery, shorting it… Fortunately I felt it become really hot, very fast, and I was able to unscrew the atty before it vented…

You really need to be careful with hybrids :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s that kind of answer that steered me away from mech mods in the first place !!

Maybe ill just get an ego one haha

Non-regulated mods are generally pretty safe if you use them correctly - It’s just the hybrids that can be a bit dangerous, even if you do know what you’re doing…

Ive been using mechs for almost two years without issue yet the hybrids make me a bit nervous as you cant see what is going on all the time. The SX is an awesome mod with very low voltage drop as the inner tube is copper. It is an inch and a half shorter than my Turtleship V2 and an inch and a quarter shorter than my Nemmy clones.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading on them and battery safety and feel confident about using one I just wasn’t sure what the deal with hybrids were

Thanks for the recommends . I think I’ll get me a sx …any particular battery I should be getting ?

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To be fair, I am probably making a bigger deal out of it, than it really is… As long as your center post isn’t spinning, and the bottom positive pin sticks out a bit further than the threading, then a hybrid is ok - but you need to be aware of what can go wrong :smile:
If you haven’t tried a mech, though, then I think you should :slight_smile: It’s different than a regulated mod, and it’s pretty safe, as long as you use your ohm-meter and don’t go super sub-ohm :slight_smile:
That said, I haven’t used my mechs for anything other than when I rebuild (I find them more convenient for some reason)…