Smartphone Photography - Solar Eclipse 2017

So, I’m sitting dead center of the eclipse path and am seriously looking forward to the eclipse. Planning to try taking some photos but don’t really have very high expectations. NASA has a really cool bit about smartphone photography of the eclipse

Who’s in the path? Who’s going to stop what they’re doing and watch? Here’s an interactive map you can check to see how close you are to the center of the path.


We are right smack dab in the path, and only a short drive to the thick center orange line on this map :slight_smile:
I didn’t think you could use a phone (or any camera) to photograph it? Your link isn’t working for me for some reason, so I’ll have to do some google-in :wink:

I’m more excited about my son seeing it, than actually watching it! I remember the last one I saw when I was a kid, like it was yesterday


Looks like I poo pooed that one. It’s fixed now.


I can’t wait to see it! I have always been really interested in astronomy! Unfortunately, I am not in the total eclipse path, but here in VA it will be about 83% so I think it will still be pretty awesome to see! My three boys are so excited about it too!

If you are able to do the smartphone photography of it will you post it here…I for one would love to see it!

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I’m going to attempt some photos. Need to see about some type of filter for my little Cool Pix camera, not to mention learning how to adjust the exposure. I’ve always just used auto on it so this will be an interesting scramble to beat the clock… Also will be grabbing a tripod form my iPhone. I have a spare set of eclipse glasses and will tape one of the lenses over my camera lens to do the partially eclipsed photos. Hoping to find a not too expensive zoom lens for the phone, but I don’t think I’ll be investing a lot of money in anything seeing how easily excellent photos are to get anyway. I figure even if I spent $5000 on equipment, I’d still just have photos exactly like ones I could download for nuttin :wink:


Exactly! Well, I wish you luck and hope it all works out for you! Also, I hope you enjoy the full total eclipse!

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Here’s some shots I took. The first couple are with my iPhone with the lens of a pair of eclipse viewing glasses taped over an 8x zoom lens. For what it is, they look ok I guess. The rest were taken with my Nikon Cool Pix camera.

I had posted this in another thread.


these are amazing.


Thanks. I wish I had some really good equipment though. I can’t wait to see what others who have awesome stuff did with it.


Those look really good!


Beautiful!! :heart_eyes:

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