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Smear-proof Labels?

I’m happy with my ZINK happy printer.

Before happy I was using

Printed with my p-touch printer… still use it from m time to time to print a quick label for a tester . Or if I’m out of happy paper.


I use this to print my label and the problem is they don’t sell moisture resistant labels
so what I started doing is sealing them in clear heat shrink bottle tamper seals
works pretty good


I am fairing ok with Sharpie on painter’s tape. The ink does not seem to react to liquid once dry.


@tartarusspawn @Steve-o_54 Do these printers (ZINC and Brother) print small enough labels for 30ml unicorn bottles?


The ribbon printer can print very small labels, down to 6mm width. The faff of having to prepare the label on computer/device is more than I am ready to put.
An 18mm/24mm label in portrait would do fine on a 30mm :unicorn: I reckon, as on the photo above

There is a brother model where you can use a tablet/phone to design the label and connect via Bluetooth. Felt like the best option to me when I thought about it.


These bottles are the 30ml unicorn bottles from dropper bottles.com.

With the ZINK I print a label to wrap the bottle…

Here’s my post about the ZINK


Thanks for the suggestion @tartarusspawn and everybody else.
My question is can you knock the bottle over and leave it swimming in an unnoticed pool of vg on the counter and still read the label a day or two later?

Now, i’m not saying that happens to me all the time (though it did happen once , TBH) I’m just trying to come up with an extreme example of the kind of stress a label might have to endure (especially around myself, cos I’m notoriously clumsy , and when my clumsiness reaches the extemes that I might as well just go bed, well, then, I just drop everything, go to bed, and clean up the next day)

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mine will


What @SuperFrog said

Have you checked out this thread. I posted the picture above a good while ago there.

There may be some ideas there.

The painters tape would be a cheap easy solution especially for your testers that need to steep.

I have never had an issue with the labels smearing with this method and they pull right off of the bottle easy with no sticky residue left behind.


I use a label printer for smear proof…

You have the option to have two lines and the font can get pretty small…works for 30ml +


I simply print a label on a normal laser printer on normal paper, cut it out and use clear packaging tape to cover and attach the label. Before getting some package tape I used normal scotch tape that didn’t cover the entire label with one piece, but overlapped the individual pieces of tape top-down like roof tiles, so no drops would get in between the two pieces of tape.

I don’t know exactly why you get this problem @jay210, but perhaps it is because you are overlapping pieces of tape the wrong way, so drops get trapped and are “guided” in under the tape.

Edit: Not sure this method would survive being completely submerged in liquid, but it should be able to withstand normal drops or spills of liquid.


neither do I! :rofl: I most often don’t need to ovelap, but where I have overlapped (eg when none of my tape was quite the right width for the bottle in question) i’ve done it exactly like you.

I think it’s maybe just that nothing is quite foolproof enough for a fool like me. if there’s a way to cock it up, i’ll generally find it.


lol im happy to see im not the only one not making labels … i use masking tape and a sharpie no smears

my label maker


There was an offer :wink:


Well, blow me! where have I been living? I don’t recall ever hearing of these "Sharpies " before .

You guys have just simplified my life enormously…I think (but…umm… lets just wait and see how I manage to cock the Sharpie trick up before leaping to conclusions, shall we?)

Hugs all round!


Any permanent marker will do, the brand does not matter but it is used as a generic name in us/uk


i like the ultra fine point bc i have the worst hand writing


@jay210 Are you opposed to buying a label printer ? I’ve been using a Brother QL710w and continuous roll tape and not only does the tape roll last forever, but even with a matte finish, they say it has a duralast finish which I’ve found prevents any smearing on any of my labels, even wet with juice, just rub it off.

I rejected the idea of label printing until I tried it. The continuous tape rolls are very long, not expensive, and I’ve printed hundreds of bottle labels on the first roll. Here’s the new version…


For what it’s worth the painters tape is much more water / juice proof than plain making tape and does not cost that much more. I have used both.


@SessionDrummer not averse ; was actually considering that kind of solution , cos that would solve the problem of my crap handwriting too . But on the other hand, how the heck will i justify that kind of outlay to myself? Damn, that’s equivalent to six bottles of MF! :rofl: (don’t ask me how i justify the 28 bottles of MF. That’s differnt. Just…different. )

Hmmm… but hey! I find I can get a big pack of multicoloured Sharpies for a tenner! so I’l prolly defer that question of how to justify the printer…

OMG, that’s spooky. My Brother A4 laser printer just loudly burst into life for no reason at all, as I was typing this, like it’s trying to say “But I want a baby brother” :laughing: