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Smoant Battlestar RTA review by Mjag


I’m really digging this thing. Slightly restricted airflow, excellent flavor. For me, it’s perfect. Sucks down the juice like a mo-fo though :joy: I even got it wicked perfectly on the first try :grin:


But that doesn’t matter, for us.


Thank god for that :+1:I’d go broke if that wasn’t the case :joy:


I remember spending more on juice than cigarettes.


After I graduated from a crappy pen to a subohm devise, my wife started saying I thought this was supposed to save us money. I quickly started researching how to mix my own


I found out you could mix your own by a random liquid barn commercial one night on YouTube.


I actually found this site back in '15, it’s a shame my stupid ass didn’t register back then :fearful:…I actually only used the recipe side back then taking ideas from recipes and making my own. I didn’t even notice this side of the site for some time :scream:


Dude, I was like clicky clicky on every button!


I love your battlestar, that is the classic edition?

I am happy your liking it and the combo looks like it should cost 2 to 3 times the cost you spent!


Yeah it’s the classic "bronze ", or copper w/a streak of black :joy:. I must say it does have a decent paint job on it. I put a tiny scratch on the top of mine the other day and was able to buff it out. It’s the first mod I’ve had that even had a noticeable amount of clearcoat on it


Ok that is just so fucking slick looking. Looove it!!


I really like that one, might need to pick up the “copper w/a streak of black” :grin: to keep my other battlestars company :+1:


@mjag Couldn’t help but notice the Smoant looks good riding a Smoant !!!

Thanks for the great review.


Hmmmm, I DO like that copper !!!


Thanks bud!

I miss using it but still have both, may have to drop another build in the copper and enjoy it all over again.


Thanks for the review!
I think for that price and build quality it’s a good deal, but in this price class there are other options that would suit me better.
Poor quality flat head screws, custom drip tip and coil warping velocity style build deck don’t do it for me anymore. Feels like time’s been standing still for this one.

I do really like the look of those coils you’re using :slight_smile:


The review is about 9 months old and in vape time that is like 9 years :grin:

Would love to see an update to this from Smoant with them fixing the items you mentioned. When I get some free time I do plan on putting a build into the copper and place it on my copper battlestar mod, really enjoyed that combo.


LOL time for me to go to bed…
Your latest comment popped it back up to the top and with the rate the reviews come out these days :rofl: Sorry man, at least my comment was still spot on… looks a bit dated :smiley:


Pretty coils! Now that I’ve checked out all pics… I’ll read the review… haha


:laughing: Thanks red